Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Patrick is joined by Anthony King to follow the diagonal rule and discuss James Mangold, cop movies, and killer casts.

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Also discussed this episode: Cemetery of Terror (1985), Alien Nation (1988), Yes God Yes (2020), Heavy (1995), Girl, Interrupted (1999), Possesser (2020), On the Rocks (2020), A Good Woman is Hard to Find (2019)


  1. Hold on a moment Mangold DID do a ninety minute movie AND it's certainly horror adjacent with 2003's Identity! :)

    Also excellent podcast (as always!)

    1. Oh bugger and this is why Richard you listen to the WHOLE podcast before popping in with a comment! Hahahahaha...

  2. I always assumed yellow was an insulting term for the Sheriff's department and town cops. Great show! Now I can't stop hearing Ray Liotta as Henry Hill yelling at Stallone. "Freddy! FREDDY"!

  3. I could be mistaken, but I believe the director's cut emphasises shots that make it clearer that the movie is a modern western.

  4. Well, i just watched my crappy blu-ray with no menus and no extras. Still an awesome movie

    I also realised there's a special edition of the blu-ray, with commentary track and a couple of other things, which i promply ordered. Hurray for double-dipping

  5. Regarding the "Kate & Leopold" (2001) discussion around the 59 minute mark, it's not Kate (Meg Ryan) and Leopold (Hugh Jackman) who were biologically related in the original cut of the movie, but Kate and Stuart (Liev Schreiber). When the movie begins, Kate and Stuart seem to have recently ended a dating relationship of undisclosed further detail. Stuart is interested in his great-great-grandfather Leopold (because of the time portal), and it is only determined later that Kate is destined to be Stuart's great-great-grandmother through her relationship with Leopold.

  6. I love that this is referred to as a “dad movie”......I totally bought my dad a used copy on VHS from Blockbuster for Christmas.