Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Patrick and JB do their annual rundown of the movies they wish more people saw and the movies they just didn't get.

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  1. 2020 the year I was so starved for distraction, I tasted everything.

    I loathed Mank so much I didn't finish it. The script had Mank walk into the writer's bullpen peopled by Hecht, MacArthur, Lederer, and Perelman only to abandon it seconds later in service of such an unpolished script. That's just a sin.
    (addendum...i'm still seething)
    RE: portrayal of Mayer...who was a King...if your King has to introduce himself, then he's a pretty poor King.

  2. Ah, yes. The writer’s bullpen scene. That’s the one where everyone keeps addressing everyone else by their full names to remind the audience of who they are. It’s like Dewey Cox in Walk Hard, “Oh, hey there, Paul McCartney of the Beatles...”

  3. Andy & I listened to this first thing this morning, and found ourselves nodding, laughing, and debating as if you guys were in the room with us. What a year for movies! Thanks for an entertaining and thoughtful show as always.

  4. Sounds like I need to watch The Pale Door

  5. I liked Mank a lot, but yeah, there was some fault, starting with the technical part. He used monorail sound, used cigarette burns to mimic the reel changes, but still did the movie in widescreen.

  6. You said you were a David Koepp fan, and I just wanted to ask what it was that made you such? I'm not being cute, I genuinely am curious, because I just know him as a go-to hollywood screenwriter punch up guy.

    Also, never even heard of'The Pale Door' but it sounds pretty badass. Thank you!

  7. Apologizes for the late comment. I always enjoy this podcast, because the underrated section usually is a bunch of great movies I missed.

    Traditionally, there's always a movie that I loved in the "Ugly" section (Holmes and Watson!), but was happy that this year was different.