Wednesday, February 24, 2021


It can't rain all the time for Patrick and Adam Riske.

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    1. Thanks for listening to our Crow & Tell.

    2. It's only in hindsight that I wish I had gone with DiCrowstino.

    3. In Philly it's The Jawn: City of Angels

    4. Check out our statue commemorating Rocky’s fight with Apoll-crow Creed.

  2. about Sin City. i think what happened is the movie adaptations are too close to the book, almost word for word actually. you can read the comic and watch the movie and follow it.

    the stories adapted in the first movies are longer so you have 2 or 3 longer stories on screen (with 1-2 short ones).

    so when you get to the second movie (the 9 year gap didn't help), you have shorter stories adapted, so that make for a more fragmented movie that seem to not have a focus.

    that's the way i see the whole thing anyway.

  3. I honestly forgot this movie existed. Did the main actor ever do anything else? Don't you hate it when people ask questions they can just Google? Me too. Also, I guess I need to track this down.

  4. This podcast is bringing me so much joy and laughter today! I have never seen The Crow: City of Angels, but it doesn't even matter because the jokes are so good. "Jane's Addiction" made me almost spill my coffee on my work laptop I was laughing so hard.

    Thanks for a highly entertaining listen, Adam and Patrick!

  5. Cool podcast, crow-daddies! I've seen that Youtube fan edit, and it's quite interesting. The deleted scenes are recreated with storyboards and script pages, so it's pretty rough, but still worth seeing. All the cut dialogue snippets add a lot of character that make the movie more interesting. But then it's mostly supernatural life-after-death talk, which some might find too artsy or heavy-handed, but that's The Crow for ya.

  6. To understand The Crow: Wicked Prayer, read the original novel of the same name by Norman Partridge, one of six original Crow novels by various authors that Harper Collins put out around 2000. The film is an adaptation of the novel, which was envisioned as taking The Crow out of the city and into a desert environment. (Like the films, every novel has a new Crow.) Anyway, read the book and you'll see in your mind what the film might have been. It's a good book; Norman Partridge is an award-winning writer.

  7. you look like you'd rather be eating cottage cheese out of a cantaloupe is my new Boomer insult, also I swear I've now heard Love, Lights, Hannukah! referenced more times than any other movie across all podcasts .

    Thanks for another episode. Episodes w you guys are great bc I laugh the whole time even when I haven't seen the films being discussed. I can't wait for the next episode too because I love the top 10 list revision ones. I don't want to wait a week :( Never did fthismovie fest but I think I will this year since I have access to, at minimum, action jackson and die hard (never seen either, yea I know) after getting hbo bc of the great review posted here for Judas and the Black Messiah. I have roger rabbit on DVD and I'm sure I'll find the others maybe. And also I have all the time.

  8. is Action Jackson any relation to Lights Camera Jackson?

  9. Great episode. Like Riske I have been obsessed with this film and watched it many many times. I think because I missed the hype for the first movie I latched on to this one. I has got a rough student film vibe to it (you can really tell it's a first tjme music video director) but I find the production design, over the top performances and stubborn refusal to lighten the mood AT ALL really interesting. Also being a fan of Christopher Lambert I have a high tolerance for miscast Frenchmen with thick accents.

    Because you asked for it Patrick, here is the fan edit you mentioned.

    It’s an awkward watch. As far as I know a fan went through every press clip, trailer, behind the scenes videos and pulled out some missing shots and stills and edited them back into the film so it runs about 1 hour 47 minutes. Because the original script isn't available they had to use the Chetwynd Williamson novelisation to fill in some gaps (which isn't the best because most novelisations often add their own bit and pieces).

    You certainly get a better sense of what it was meant to be but - and I say this as a fan - I don't think a director's cut would significantly change the mood and tone of the film. It would just be longer and a bit more fleshed out. The largest change is that Ashe - by staying to save Sarah - loses his chance to go to heaven and thus at the end of the film is doomed to stay on earth.

    Sadly there is no director's cut or Workprint out there. Trust me I've looked everywhere. Tim Pope has only commented on the film once or twice since it came out. Supposedly he has seen and liked the fan edit so I think that's the closest we'll ever get. It’s a shame, I don't think there's enough fan demand to get Shout Factory to look into tracking down the cut and releasing it.