Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Patrick and Rob talk Schwarzenegger, meta-movies, box office bombs, and a world where the bad guys can win.

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  1. Yay! A Schwarzenegger movie and a Rob episode. This is one of the few Arnold movie I haven't seen. It's on Netflix and has been on my "to watch soon with the kids" list for a while, but I had kind of forgotten about it (I don't have an actual list. Just one in my head, which evidently doesn't work very well).

    Looking forward to watching it this weekend with the kids and listening afterwards!

  2. I think I am closer to Rob here, a movie about entering a movie, being part of it, the kind of magical ticket when it gets ripped. For some reason I also really love it. I know its not perfect but i just enjoy the concept loads. Maybe it's because i want to believe in magic? I do want to live in a world without war, Without corvid, without hate, all of that is nostalgia for a world we don't have but I still want it, maybe it's touching the time in life where you had hope that dreams and magic might still be true?

  3. Great episode this week. I think you guys were pretty insightful about the reasons why this movie is an entertaining mixed bag.

    I did re-watch the Hobbit and LOTR trilogies during lockdown. Reinforced how great the LOTR series is and how bafflingly awful the Hobbit movies are. Unbelievable that the same creative team made both series. However, the art design and production design of The Hobbit are terrific and make the movies somewhat worthwhile.