Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Songs I Love From Movies

 by Adam Riske

A playlist for my post-vaccine dance party!

Song: “Edgar’s Prayer”
From: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar
Artist: Jamie Dornan featuring Amy Keys

Barb and Star is my favorite movie of 2021 so far. It’s magical and hilarious. Even Jamie Dornan is funny in it, as you’ll see in this video. Plus, it’s a catchy song and reminds me of how my ex-girlfriend from college used to make me feel. I can further relate, too, because I have a crush on the character Dornan’s singing about (2:08 mark). I have weird taste.

Song: “Rock ‘N’ Roll Me Again”
From: Beverly Hills Cop
Artist: The System

A few years ago, I bought a used record of the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack for one dollar and it might be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It’s in my rotation of soundtracks I listen to when I watch baseball games on television. It’s like when I was a kid and used to play Sega with the volume down so I could listen to Jagged Little Pill at the same time. I’m a renaissance man. Have you seen Renaissance Man? That movie’s underrated.

Song: “Beginning Of The End”
From: Bill & Ted Face the Music
Artist: Weezer

For a movie I don’t like very much, I’ve sure seen Bill & Ted Face the Music a lot of times. It’s wearing me down but I’ll never full embrace it like I do Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey. Oddly enough, I really like the song by Weezer from Face the Music, which is surprising because they’ve alienated me (a guy who used to really like their music) since 2004. That album of covers was like a sick joke.

Song: “Loyal Brave True”
From: Mulan (2020)
Artist: Christina Aguilera

The new live-action Mulan was a true abomination, but it had a good end credits song! I like this one because Christina Aguilera sounds like she’s been through some shit and these are the lessons she’s learned. I went to a Christina Aguilera concert once in high school. Destiny’s Child opened for them. It was my idea. I look back on the event and I’m surprised my friends were so supportive. It’s like they were loyal/brave/true…(gasps).

Song: “Come Back In One Piece”
From: Romeo Must Die
Artist: Aaliyah featuring DMX

This song makes me sad right now because both artists have passed on, but it’s also a good opportunity to celebrate two terrific entertainers that were mainstays of my music fandom back in the day. I love the movie Romeo Must Die. I wish that era (era) where they blended martial arts and hip-hop lasted longer. It was a fad for sure, but a pretty great one. Want to hear something amazing? On the day DMX passed away, I was driving around listening to Sirius XM and one of his songs came on the radio. During the song I heard two dogs barking at each other outside. If that isn’t divine intervention, I don’t know what is. Thanks for the memories, DMX and Aaliyah.

Song: “Eight”
From: Shithouse
Artist: Nick Das

I don’t have much to say about this one but it’s the end credits song that I love from my favorite movie of last year, Shithouse. It’s such a chill track. It makes me feel like I’m walking around Austin, TX or something. I miss Alamo Drafthouse. Thanks for the memories, The Ritz.

Song: “Far From Over”
From: Staying Alive
Artist: Frank Stallone

It was raining the other day and I ended up watching the new documentary called Stallone: Frank, That Is, which is about the life and career of Frank Stallone. It’s more than a little biased (Frank Stallone also produced), but it reminded me how much I like the song “Far From Over.” The first ten seconds of this song should be my alarm clock buzzer. I would attack every day. I should probably get around to seeing Staying Alive. Saturday Night Fever is my favorite movie, so I don’t want it ruined for me with (what I’ve heard is) a far lesser sequel.

Song: “The Plan”
From: Tenet
Artist: Travis Scott

I don’t care much for the movie Tenet, but this song by Travis Scott is pretty great. I have trouble imagining Christopher Nolan hearing this and enjoying it because I don’t believe that man experiences human emotions.

Song: “Humans Being”
From: Twister
Artist: Van Halen

Twister is opening the season at my nearest drive-in soon (as a double feature with Jaws) and I’m 35 percent going just because I want to send-off the night hearing “Humans Being” as I drive out of the lot. This song is great soundtrack cheese. I can imagine Jan De Bont hearing this and enjoying it because I believe that man experiences human emotions.

Your turn! Which songs from movies have you been loving lately?


  1. I love this list of songs! You always put together a good movie based playlist.

    Romeo Must Die may have been the first martial arts movie I ever saw, and I remember being instantly transfixed. Actually, the Matrix was the first martial arts movie I ever saw but that's sort of its own category. I loved Aaliyah--the music, the acting, the fashion sense--and I even have a niece named after her so she still lives on in my heart. DMX always seemed a little better than the acting roles he got, and I can't claim I was super knowledgeable of his deeper album cuts but damn his singles were great.

    I am jealous you got to see Xtina AND Destiny's Child in concert--what a show that must have been! Her song for the first Mulan, Reflection, is still in my top 3 or 4 Xtina tracks ever.

    In terms of what songs from movies I've been listening to lately, ever since we watched Looney Tunes: Back in Action, I've had Hey Driver by Lucky Boys Confusion stuck in my head. That song brings me back to my college radio days for sure. And speaking of drivers, I rewatched Fast & Furious recently and there are a lot of fun jams in that including Bang by Rye Rye and M.I.A.

    1. Did you see that Vin Diesel said Paul Walker came to him when he was meditating in the 'Dom Shrine' and told him to cast John Cena in F9. Vin is so great.

  2. The Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack is absolutely one of my favorite soundtracks and one of the albums I go to when I feel like listening to something extremely 80's. Neutron Dance and Stir It Up
    especially are in heavy rotation.

  3. I'm super happy you got the vaccine Adam. We're running quite a bit behind here in Canada, but at least my 70 year old parents got their first shot a couple weeks ago. It looks like things are speeding up, so fingers crossed that everyone gets vaccinated sooner, rather than later!

    I'm not as warm as everyone regarding recognition of the late DMX. Dude's history with animal abuse and apparent love of dog fighting doesn't sit well with me. Seems like he wasn't a good person (outside of his drug problems, which I do have enormous sympathy for) . I listened to a ton of hip hop in the 90's but had pretty much stopped listening to anything new by the end of the decade, so I missed his whole era, and so I don't have any emotion connection to his music. You're mention of "I heard 2 dogs barking" just brings up reminders of his worst qualities.

    I really must rewatch Romeo Must Die. I loved all those 2000's Jet Li movies, but haven't ever revisited them. Other than Fearless (2006) which is one of my favourite movies ever.

  4. I didn't know either until his death, and the obvious media examination of his legacy. Seems like he was a mixed up person. Tragic that opiates ended up killing him. Like it is for so many other unknown people. It's a problem with no apparent solution.

  5. My wife bought a Beverly Hills Cop record for about a dollar as well. She had never seen the movie (at the time) and I have no idea what made her buy it. Now, however, she probably listens to it weekly. It is a great soundtrack.