Wednesday, June 9, 2021


Patrick and JB celebrate #Junesploitation Italian Horror day with a discussion of Dario Argento's first feature.

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Also discussed this episode: Rolling Thunder (1977), Matinee (1993), The Tingler (1959)


  1. I can assure you JB, that my mum's pasta sauce is NOT the best. Only when I became an adult did I realize how much my mum hates cooking and my parents have the most bland taste possible. I guess it's their Irish "meat and potatoes is all you need" attitude. I hope they never read this!

    On the other hand, I appreciate how I was taught to not be fussy, and enjoy what was on my plate. Wise words that I didn't get until I was an adult either. I was a super fussy eater, but now I'll eat anything.

    I only listened to the beginning of the podcast, but then realized this would be a perfect movie for today. This month has been all about checking of boxes of classics "I should have seen by now". Looking forward to the movie and the podcast tomorrow morning.

  2. Great podcast guys! I was surprised that Inferno wasn’t mentioned at all and wouldn’t make either of your top 6 Argento films. It’s not quite Suspiria, but it stylistically is so similar I’m curious why you both rank it so low in his filmography?

    1. Just oversight on my part -- I forgot about it! I actually really like that movie and on any given day would rank it 5th, bumping BIRD to 6.

      Thanks for listening!