Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Patrick and Adam Riske never give up on family.

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Also discussed this episode: Kung Fu's Hero (1973), Of Unknown Origin (1983), Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001), Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001), Evolution (2001), 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003), Good on Paper (2021), The Mule (2018)


  1. Perfect timing! I just sat down in the theater, the movie starts in 10 minutes. (The Finnish premiere is today.)

  2. I encourage other Language Arts professionals to correct me on this, but I consulted a few style guides, and I think this is how you properly alphabetize the titles:

    2 Fast 2 Furious
    F9: The Fast Sage
    Fast & Furious
    Fast & Furious 6
    Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
    Fast and the Furious, The
    Fast and the Furious, The: Tokyo Drift
    Fast Five
    Fate of the Furious, The
    Furious 7

    1. But you're ignoring chronology! And what about 'Fastly & Furiously'? Oh shoot, I forgot that's the one I wrote that didn't get optioned.

  3. Haven't listened to the full podcast yet, but it's clear I like 8 and 9 a lot more than Patrick and Adam. So, if anyone's interested, my reasonably warm take on F9, as an unabashed amateur fan of the franchise, can be found here. :)

  4. Wait, you guys don't totally love the awesomely bonkers consistent inconsistency of the series' titles?! I... I'd never accuse anyone who speaks in good faith of being a fan in a "wrong way" or anything like that, but I think the total lack of logic in the films' names is hilarious, and that appreciating said hilarity, in a weird way, is kind of key to the approach one should take in enjoying these more recent entries at the very least. :P

    1. Also, just a side note, YouTube has had an HD upload of the 2001 Spider-Man World Trade Center teaser for about two years now. :)

    2. Having now listened to the podcast, I think all your criticisms are thoughtful and valid, but I still have a few thoughts...

      1. There was a race in Cuba at the start of Fate, the last movie.

      2. Justin Lin has made some good Fast flicks, but he also made Star Trek Beyond, and that movie is horrible.

      3. I'm not a big fan of 6, but I think there's a real consistency of cartoonish action, shallow characterization, and soap opera plotting to these last four flicks. If that's not your jam, I totally understand, but I don't see any reason to expect that the upcoming two-part finale will be any different.

      4. I enjoy these movies for the silliness that they are, but I don't think I'm an ironic hipster viewer, because I don't consider myself above them. They're goofy, and so am I, so it's all good.

    3. I think the Cuba race at the beginning of 8 was the best part of that movie, and maybe one of the top races of the whole series.

      I disagree that Star Trek Beyond is horrible. It certainly doesn't hearken much to the original examinations of philosophy etc. that the several original TV show were known for, but I thought it worked great as an entertaining space action movie in a Star Trek guise. I've only seen it once, but thought it was as good as a "movie" movie, although some might thought it wasn't a good "star trek" movie.

    4. The opening race in Cuba in 8 is magnificent. Not just the race but the whole cold open. Right after the race, and why we love Dom, is when he gives dude that look and a smile and says "Your respect is good enough for me" and then gives his cousin the keys to his car. "That car was too slow for a Toretto anyway," after sinking it in the ocean. *Muah, chef's kiss.

  5. I think Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard is definitely worth a watch even if you didn't like 1. Salma Hayek is really funny (I thought it was going to be grating AT FIRST, then it got funnier and funnier the longer her schtick went) and Samuel L. Jackson gets a LOT of really funny dialogue and everything is smooth/unforced with his role.

    2 Fast is so good. Paul Walker saying "cuz" a zillion times is the peak of the series dialogue.

  6. I always love listening to your shows, and it is a highlight of my week. I am lucky that I only discovered you guys a few years ago, so there is still a back catalogue I am making my way through.

    I am sure you mentioned it at some point, but what is the origin of F This Movie title. When I first came across you, I had assumed based on the title that it was a tear down on movies but it is quite the opposite. It is a celebration of movies and you champion lots of underrated and under-appreciated movies. I love what you do, but the title is so counter to your ethos and mission.

    Also I have been hosting my own podcast since 2013, The Movie Breakdown. I noticed sometimes at the start of your shows that you will do brief clips from theme songs or soundbites from movies, and I have wanted to do that a few times on my show but have been paranoid about a copyright violation. How do you get around that or have I just jinxed you? Sorry.

    Maybe one day theatres will open again here in Ontario where we are still locked down and I can dare to try to see F9. Though considering I've never been as into the series as most, your reviews makes me think I should tap out on this one.

    1. I initially discovered Fthismovie while searching for a "bad movies podcast", but as you said, it's quite the opposite. I think they said that it was intended to be both. Like "Fuck you movie", but also "Fuck yeah this movie". Patrick has also expressed that in hindsight that he would have chosen a different name. But that it's been too long to change it now.

      I'm in Ontario too, and looking forward to theatres being open in the near future. Vaccinations have been ramping up and it won't be long. Enjoy the holiday today, and I'll check out your podcast. Cheers.

    2. I love how optimistic and good-natured this podcast always is each week. We need more hosts and shows with this kind of vibe and ethos.

      Thank you so much for being willing to check out my podcast. That means a lot, so thank you.

      I have my fingers crossed that going to the movies can be a thing by the end of this month. I was able to get my second dose moved up a couple a months and will be double vaccinated for most of the summer, which will be great.

  7. Really fun podcast. The "wow" bit, while not being the most clever, is super timeless. I do an "inside my head" chuckle whenever I hear someone say wow. Not a criticism, because I use that word a ton myself, both in writing and speaking.

    The movie, I haven't watched it, but listened through the spoilers section anyways. Doesn't really matter for these movies.

    In this (or probably the last one) episode you mentioned that it was the first in-person recording you've done since the pandemic started. Just wanted to say, I hardly even noticed the difference when you transitioned to zoom/whatever recordings, and the quality sound-wise was up to snuff. Kudos for being able to transition so well and quickly. I'm glad you're able to gather together to record again, not because of sound quality, but just because it's probably a lot more fun and rewarding for you guys.

    1. I watched Loki last night and laughed for a good ten minutes when Mobius(Owen Wilson ) asked someone "How?"

      I blame this podcast