Wednesday, September 1, 2021


Patrick and Rob say if there's not a movie about it, it's not worth knowing.

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  1. Review counts of Scary Movie Months past:

    2010 - 125 reviews
    2011 - 435
    2012 - 1003
    2013 - 1429
    2014 - 2288
    2015 - 2907
    2016 - 3099
    2017 - 3185
    2018 - 2834
    2019 - 2716
    2020 - 3212

    So last year's 3212 is the number to beat!

  2. For a while, the Dogma DVD and Blu-Ray were hard to find. Some distribution rights issues where somebody had it and wouldn't do anything with it. I don't how it is now, but i got my bluray on ebay for way too much money a few years ago... but now i own it and i love it

  3. If I'm a Rob fan, should I skip this show?

  4. Dogma Thoughts prior to listening to the cast:

    I, as with many others, became more or less an instant and immediate UBER fan of Kevin Smith after seeing Clerks. (i was fortunate enough to catch it at a chicago art house theater a smidge before it broke bad amongst the masses...yes yes im playing the "i was into this band before you" nerd card).

    And after Clerks, i was all in on his movies, his early View Askew-niverse web presence, and his insane rise and proliferation of the podcast space. That being said, i am not without reservations/critiques/constructive-criticism of his work. the point...i believe Dogma is 2nd only to Clerks in ranking of his movies. It is a cohesive and creative original story. Its a balancing act of Kevin Smith potty humor (literally) mixed with an engaging fall from grace story and even weirdly manages to maintain religious tenets around reverence and faith.

    Does it all work? Nope. For me i never really connect with Fiorentino as the lead. Some of the bits feel like bits (which, regrettably, i feel KSs flicks have transitioned into...collections of scenes rather than cohesive stories). But i also never find it boring and i find genuine moments of heart within.

    Most of all...regardless of opinions on this movie, Kevin Smiths output in general, and religious beliefs...i believe we can ALL...every single one of us...agree...that Ben Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms yo.

  5. I can’t believe I missed a genuine opportunity to say “I’d buy that for a dollar.”

    I’ll never recover from this.

  6. I’ve rewatched Boyhood. It’s me. I’m the guy. Not lying.

    1. I recently decided I'd like delve into Linklater's filmography, and was surprised that many "ranked lists" have Boyhood somewhere very close to the top. Surprised because I only remember a very tepid response when it came out, at least among the few movie podcasts I listen to (which is probably why I never watched it).

    2. Charlie,
      You are not alone, I am here with you.

      I not only have watched it multiple times. I have purchased it on multiple formats. That Criterion disc is choice though.

  7. A Jackie Kong double feature podcast for Scary Movie Month. The Being and Blood Diner

  8. I too believe the Mallrats commentary is funnier than the film itself.

  9. Patrick, any chance you could record Dogma, Ex Machina, Last Action Hero, and Hudson Hawk episodes with Doug so I can actually listen to them?

  10. Loved the podcast. I don’t know why anyone would ever skip one with Rob. I never would.

    You guys did a good job of laying out all the shooting and editing flaws which I am willing to forgive because the dialog is so good, but I ask you: can anyone name a comedy that does a better job talking about questions of faith? I can’t.

    1. Yes, in all seriousness you're the best Rob...
      yn Buckley.

  11. I really liked this episode, because I always felt I was somehow in the wrong for not liking Dogma as much as everyone around me. In my peer group, this was much better received (or more talked about) than any other Kevin Smith movie, and it didn't do a lot for me. I'll def give it another watch, because you made me wanting to do that, but I do now understand the flaws of it and why it hasn't been for me in the past.

    Since I've never skipped a Rob show, I'd love to see a podcast on one of the following movies:

    - Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
    - Anaconda
    - Hollow Man
    - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

    Now, since I'm at it, I would really like to see Patrick and a guest (JB would be fitting) to really go old school and watch some silent classics like Nosferatu or Caligari, but that's just because I really like those a lot and I think it would be a nice one-off, even if it’s not usually in your wheelhouse.

  12. Quick Note: Rob mentions he and several other F This folks are teachers. As a parent and some-times trainer at work i want to THANK YOU for every single thing y'all do. From my personal experience i know how difficult and mentally draining it can be to teach a group of individuals with different backgrounds and levels of interest. From my experience as a parent (and once student) i know how absolutely life changing a good teacher can be. I trace my origin story to a 5th grade teacher that treated us more like adults and encouraged us to develop interests and skills outside of the day-to-day curriculum. For my son i saw how his 1st grade teacher made an indelible difference on him and a love of reading encouraged early on.

    I consider Teaching to be one of the most important professions out there and commend the F This gang (site runners and site fans) that are Teachers! Y'all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace .n. Conjunction Junction Whats Your Function,


    1. I’m sure I speak for all of us when we say thank you, Mashke! Parent involvement is key. We appreciate you!

  13. Chris Rock's comment about ideas always stood out to me. I look forward to listening to this podcast.

  14. Great conversation, guys. From what I understand Linda Fiorentino was really difficult behind the scenes. And Kevin Smith wished he would have cast Janeane Garofalo in the lead role instead. Which you alluded to in this podcast. Anyway I digress, I guess Dogma is my favorite Kevin Smith film. Mainly, due to the ideas and the ensemble cast. Today, I like Kevin Smith more as an internet personality as opposed to a filmmaker. Take care.