Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Patrick and Mike have all the time in the world.

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  1. So far you guys have done Casino Royale, Goldeneye, Live and Let Die, Spectre, The Living Daylights, The Man with the Golden Gun, Die Another Day, Dr. No, Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Quantum of Solace, The World is Not Enough, No Time to Die and Skyfall (with JB if that counts).

    So that's 1 Connery (out of 6), 1 Lazenby (out of 1), 3 Moore (out of 7), 1 Dalton (out of 2) 3 Brosnan (out of 4) and all 5 Craig. You guys let me know if I missed any but I think that's it.

  2. Dun doo dew 'Doo Donly Dive Dwice'?

  3. Time Travel Pick: Primer. ITS AMAZING. Its low budget but high concept. Its all in the writing and execution. Honestly you could do the entire thing as a play with virtually no set design. Watch it and then google "primer time travel chart" as some of the rules and reveals need visual unpacking afterwards.

    Bonus Double Feature: Primer and ExMachina. Two of my fav, heady, sci-fi flicks of all time.

    1. I totally agree with the Primer pick! It's an amazing movie although unfortunately director/writer/actor/composer Shane Carruth has proven himself to be quite the POS in the intervening years. If you are able to set that aside, the movie itself is fantastic. I totally get that some people may NOT be able to/want to set that aside, though. Upstream Color was my favorite movie the year it was released and I haven't been able to re-watch it since all the stuff with SC transpired.

    2. Howdy Rosie...glad you dig the flick as well. As for the director..i had no idea about him or his actions. I looked into it after reading your comments and agree..huge POS....horrible horrible stuff.

  4. Sopranos Talk: For those that dont want to read the entire article referenced where David Chase reveals his original thoughts for the ending, ill paraphrase here:

    {"Did we originally plan to end with the fade to black and Journey song? No we didnt. My originally plan was to, indeed, have Tony and his family in the diner ready to eat dinner however that was just the finale beginning. We would cut away as an unidentified 'hitman' looking individual walk into the diner. Cut to a Barone Sanitation garbage truck accidentally backing into a bunch of barrels, marked 'trioxin 5', outside a warehouse. The barrels burst open and spill a green oozing liquid. Cut back to the diner where a red haired guy carrying a cricket bat and a larger guy wearing a "got wood" shirt bust in the front door and say "Yo Gangstas! Lets get ready to rumble". Cut back to view thru the front window where zombies are slowly walking towards the diner. Zombies of: Christopher, Sal, Adriana, etc. Fade to black...credits....needle drop on the song "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day. }

  5. I was very torn on NTTD. I really liked it, up to the end which, I can't say I didnt exactly like it, but I didnt want to feel that way. I didnt want to leave a Bond film with tears in my eyes and I dont think that's TOO much to ask for. Like, it was effective, so good job at that I guess.