Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Patrick and Adam choose two double features from their monthly column to actually watch and talk about.

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  1. I always thought Chris Columbus directed Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) until today when I was goinng to say it needs to be on the good fist for sure. I never realized he only wrote the screenplay and Levinson directed it. Huh.

  2. wonderful show sirs...I always find the pre-topic riffs on movies fascinating.

    A quick general that ill probably drop on multiple comment threads over the next couple weeks as i want to ensure the F This gang gets it: THANK YOU for all you do!!! Discovering this site and its corresponding podcasts and videos this year has been a high point for my movie loving self. Im constantly impressed by the contributors and content. I know it takes alot of work to maintain and contribute but its very much appreciated. On top of that, the F This fan base and commenters are just great. The community engages in fun information sharing and discussions and said discussions are devoid of ugly hating trolling. Thats crazy rare in the wild wild internet west. Additionally the community provided so much amazing suggestions and humor during times like Junesploitation and 7 Word Reviews. To quote Vincent know i "dig it the most"! Thanks all...wishing each of you the happiest of holidays!!

    Peace .n. "Photography is truth. The cinema is truth 24 times per second."


    1. "THANK YOU for all you do!!!"

      I'll second that. This is a small, but very warm community, and I'm very happy to be a part of it. Despite being a cold weather person (I'm generally miserable all summer. Too damn hot!), June has somehow become my favourite month of the year.

  3. Counting cards isn't against the rules and traditional methods give you such a small edge that casinos often even encourage people in roundabout ways to card count. The reason is that most people are going to screw it up and the casino will make more money from people's hubris than they lose from those who can actually profit. I've been in a casino which provides guests a little instruction guide on how to count and encourages them to give it a shot.

    Additionally, even people who can count, the only get a small edge and eventually the counter will hit a losing streak and the casino has enough money to drain the gambler of their funds.

    But casino's are on the lookout for people who use methods that give them an unusually high edge, or who work in teams to signal tables to eachother. It's not illegal, it's not cheating, but casinos don't like it and have the right to ban you (and some are dodgy enough to do much more than that).

    1. Very interesting. I came to say I was wondering the same thing as Patrick, why would casino's ban card counting? It's like saying, you can gamble, but being good at it isn't allowed.

      But your explanation makes a lot of sense. I think movies have distorted the image of what gambling is actually like. It's not all smiles and laughs and making big money. I'm not a gambler at all. I visited Vegas once (was on a road trip, and it just happened to be between Death Valley and the Grand Canyon, so had to go through it anyways), but only for once afternoon/evening, and it was the most depressing place I've ever been. Walked for hours all around, only money I spent was $14 for the hostel, and left promptly the next morning. Fun for people watching I guess. Although the amount of prostitution left a bad taste. I'm not against it, but have feelings for the women who are probably trapped into that world.