Thursday, December 2, 2021

Reserved Seating: ROCKY IV: ROCKY VS. DRAGO

The review duo who believe everyone can change.

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  1. Thanks for the discussion! That seems to be the general feeling from everyone I know that's seen it, in that it's "pretty good, but prefer the original". I'm glad that Stallone, as a creator, got a chance to modify what he must have though was an imperfect movie, and look forward to watching it someday.

    I'm all in on Hearts On Fire.

    Sidenote: I decided to watch all the Rocky movies a few years ago, but never made it past 4 (I don't remember what stalled me). I've been putting off watching the Creed movies (which have a good reputation) until I finish Rocky, so I've been missing out. Should get back to that series sometime soon.

    There's still a part of my brain that is saying Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City isn't a real movie. It's just some meme or joke the kids are spreading around. A city of raccoons? Zombie raccoons? What kind of premise is this?