Monday, January 3, 2022


Patrick, JB, and Adam Riske share their Top 10 favorite movies of the year.

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  1. All right, early 2022 present! Downloading it now. :-D

  2. Already calling it, this show will be one of the 10 best FThisMovie shows of the year.

    My top 10 favourites, going with movies I think I'll return to over and over again:
    10) Old Henry (I know Power of the Dog is probably better, but this puts a smile on my face)
    9) Mad God (A stop motion horror movie that's been in the making since 1987)
    8) Last Night in Soho
    7) Pig
    6) The Amusement Park
    5) Midnight Mass
    4) The Tragedy of Macbeth
    3) One Second (The new Zhang Yimou movie that was siezed by Chinese authorities in 2019. Beautiful photography, beautiful plot, beautiful characters)
    2) Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (the One Cut of the Dead of 2021)
    1) Summer of Soul (release the Snyder Cut)

    1. I'd be surprised if PBS doesn't pick-up the rights to show the entire music festival to air on consecutive nights as a pledge drive tool.

    2. Great list Marcus! thanks for sharing!!! Ive got Summer of Soul queued up as i havent seen it yet and hearing JB reference it as well as see it on your list means the universe is telling me to check it out stat!

  3. This show was so fun, as expected! It also made me wish I had appreciated Licorice Pizza more... maybe a second viewing will help.

    The best thing about the podcast is that you all mentioned at least a few movies I haven't yet seen, so I get to check out some new stuff and know that I'm probably going to love it.

    1. I didn't get Licorice Pizza either. I'll have to rewatch it

    2. They just announced we're going into a lockdown on Wednesday (theatres closed). And I just realized that Licorice Pizza just opened (in 1 theatre) here. So I bought a ticket for tomorrow, knowing that it's probably my only chance to see it on the big screen.

  4. I swear I stopped walking through midtown Manhattan (listening to the podcast) and stood in a corner in shock for two minutes when Adam dropped his "Resident Evil" bombshell. Waited in vain for a punchline or retraction that never came. :-D But then Adam mentioned "Cruella," and then everything was A-OK again in the FTM Top 10 metaverse. ;-)

  5. Great episode as usual. These are theee most fun 90 minutes. Lots of crossover from my Top 10 also. Licorice Pizza, Wrath of Man, Last Night in Soho, Pig, The Last Duel.

    "Clothes A**holes" made me LOL.

    1. and by 90 minutes I meant 2 hours and 16 minutes haha. Sorry haha.

  6. There are still a ton of 2021 movies I haven't seen, and I haven't had a chance to rewatch anything, so I'm sure what I have will shift around, but my current work-in-progress Favorite 10 of 2021 would be:

    10) Zola
    9) Dune
    8) Luca
    7) Nightmare Alley
    6) A Quiet Place Part II
    5) Stillwater
    4) Last Night in Soho
    3) Pig
    2) Licorice Pizza
    1) The Card Counter

    Good, but Just Missed the Cut: Red Rocket, Suicide Squad, The Last Duel, Wrath of Man

    I enjoyed (in rough descending order): F9, The French Dispatch (mainly the prison art segment, Malignant, Lamb, No Time to Die, No Sudden Move, Cruella, In the Heights, Black Widow, The Many Saints of Newark, House of Gucci, Raya and the Last Dragon, Free Guy, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, The Sparks Brothers, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Old

    Take It or Leave It: The Green Knight, West Side Story, Without Remorse

    Bad: The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

    1. Thanks for sharing Reed! Lots on here i wanna see. I think Card Counter hit redbox recently so im gonna start there!

    2. nice! FWIW The Card Counter was my 5. Was in my top 10 all year but like 8/9 and then on a rewatch Im all nope! this is top 5 stuff. Loved it.

    3. That's the difficulty. I find it hard to rank movies when they're really fresh. I saw Licorice Pizza last night, and an still reeling from it. It feels like the best movie I've ever seen. But time and a 2nd viewing will undoubtedly put things in a different perspective.

    4. I also have trouble ranking movies I've just seen against movies I saw even just a few months ago. It definitely takes multiple watches to really hone in on a ranking, and even then, movies constantly shift in my estimation. Any of my top 4 could be my #1. And there are lots from other people's lists that I still need to see!

  7. Thanks Team F This and Commenters for all the great suggestions!!! I tend to shy away from "serious" movies (aka dramas) too often and lists like this are great opportunities for me to fill in several gaps with solid suggestions from folks who's opinions i very much respect. The good news is several titles have recently or will be recently making their way to redbox/blu/streaming so theres lots to look forward too!

    Phenom episode dudes!

  8. WARNING ⚠️ DO NOT WATCH "FRENCH DISPATCH" HIGH! There will be a LOT of rewinding.