Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Patrick and Heather split on Wes Craven's 1995 horror comedy.

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  1. Barebones blu-ray are fine. We need more barebones blu-ray. I like barebones blu-ray. I'm tired of paying 30$ every time i want to buy a movie i like

    1. That is the reason why certain labels are not well represented in my media collection.

    2. i hear you Kunider and i fully understand/agree that physical media can be tricky and expensive.

      That being said, and im gonna sound like "old guy yelling at cloud" here, the one standout feature for me and a physical media is special edition features. im one of the last folks i know to truly embrace streaming and while i acknowledge its benefits, i hate the fact that we are not only moving towards less and less (and eventually NO) physical versions of the movies we love but also we are shifting away from bonus features. Making-ofs, featurettes, commentaries, bloopers, deleted scenes, etc are so many of the reasons I LOVE dvd and blu. As an uber movie fan it has brought me countless great experiences and continues to do so! (perfect example: ive currently put Surf 2 special edition blu ray in my Vinegar Syndrome shopping cart SOLELY because i want to watch the making-of on it). As we get less mainstream releases and overall less demand that means we'll have to pay more for discs from both primary distributors and, moreso, boutique labels. It means those of us with limited disposable income will have to be a bit more choosy. BUT its keeping the physical media alive and providing extras. my less inclined for barebones discs, thou i get it for sure, and more hopeful for loaded discs as long as they exist. which is likely not that long.


    3. You make a good point Mashke, and i mostly agree. I mean, some extras are nice, but not all movie need to have a brand new making of created, or new interviews created. There are ways to have discs with some extras that don't cost a ton of money

      I recently bought The Barbarians. The disc has a great commentary track and a trailer, and it didn't cost a lot. And it was perfect for that movie

      There must be a middle ground somewhere. Most movies don't deserve a criterion level treatment, but every niche label seem to be acting like they have to do it that way

      I like to blind buy blu-rays sometimes (criterion, arrow, kino, etc...), it help me to discover a lot of stuff, and i've been burned often (i like getting burned) and often i feel like they try to justify the 'special edition' treatment when there's no justification

      Anyway, that was just a thought, that we need some barebone discs, or barely bone discs... sometimes

    4. great feedback and counterpoints Kunider! cheers!