Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Patrick and Adam Riske clown around.

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  1. the idea of spawn might be a little convoluted, but not better or worst than any other movie. it's the execution that's bad. the CGI, the dialogues, the editing, almost nothing works

    1. to me too it's a move that i would like to enjoy more, but i just can't everytime i watch it i get burned again, then i remember i have the DVD of the animated series

    2. I see you're a man of taste. The HBO animated series was pretty good. I do remember the clown being suitably creepy.

  2. Spawn was a pretty big movie for me in a few ways. It was the first movie that I was allowed to go see by myself (being that I wanted to see it and the rest of my family was like "absolutely not") and it was also the movie where I realized that movies that I wanted to see could be BAD. Before Spawn, the only bad movies were girl movies. Even Batman & Robin didn't trigger this realization.

    Also, following up a Departed show with Spawn is the most FThisMovie thing ever, that's why you're #1.

  3. Titanic hitting the Clownberg and it goes: "GOTCHAAA!"

    Paxton: "I never made it real, I never let it in."

    Clown comes up behind: "I can let it in for you, Paxton!"

  4. I revisited Spawn a couple years back hoping it was better than I remembered but still didn't come away as a fan of it.

    Of the Immortal Records soundtrack "trilogy" though, Spawn > Judgement Night > Blade II.

  5. I used to listen to the soundtrack to this movie ALLLLL the time but had never seen the movie until two days ago when you put the challenge in front of me.

    I couldn't help but notice that the visual effects are by someone named Spaz and the dog in this movie is named Spaz... did a dog do the visual effects? And aren't dogs colorblind? This would explain so much!

  6. Next year's '90s Fantasy Sci-Fi Fuckup - Battlefield Earth? It's 2000 but I think it counts as '90's...

  7. Can we get Warriors of Virtue for next years Fantasy Scifi fuckup?