Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Your 2022 Junesploitation Primer

 by Patrick Bromley

The insanity begins tomorrow!

This will be the TENTH year we've run Junesploitation, and it has become an essential part of our annual calendar at F This Movie!. What started as an excuse to watch some trashy movies has expanded into a full-blown month-long party, and it's all because of your enthusiasm and participation. You all are the best.
Several of you have already made your Junesploitation viewing lists and even published them in some cases, which is awesome. The level of excitement we see online for this goofy made-up holiday is genuinely awesome and makes the whole thing so much more fun. If you aren't yet sure what you want to watch -- or you aren't sure what certain categories mean -- this primer should hopefully help you explore the weird and wonderful world of exploitation movies.

As mentioned in the original Junesploitation announcement, there are a ton of streaming services from which to choose titles: Shudder, Night FlightFull Moon Streaming, Brown Sugar, Shout! Factory TV, plus free sites that have large libraries like TubiTV, as well as the usual Netflix (which is pretty worthless for anything but Netflix-produced content these days, though some newer horror films can be found there), Hulu, and Amazon Prime Instant Video, a true GOLD MINE with hundreds of kung fu, horror, and exploitation films available in their library. Also check out Shaw Brothers Universe, which is a great resource to tell you where hundreds of amazing kung fu films are available to stream. The Grindhouse Cinema Database offers hundreds of titles broken up by genre, so that one's good if you're ever feeling stuck on a certain category.
As is our Junesploitation tradition, we're providing a collection of links (below) that will take you to some recommendations of titles from each day's category. If you're new to Junesploitation, please know that you do not need to watch a movie off of any of these lists (except for the ones with a finite number of titles like Jackie Chan or Lucio Fulci or Albert Pyun or Shannon Tweed). These are just here to give you some ideas, but you're free to pick any movie you want that you feel fits into a given category. Remember, the whole point is it have an awesome time and watch a lot of movies, so be sure to make it fun for yourself and watch what you want to watch.

5. Free Space!
11. Free Space!
15. Bugs!
17. Fulci!
19. Free Space!
22. Lethal Ladies!
26. Free Space!
30. DTV!


  1. HUZAAAAA! We are in the final countdown for Junesploitation! Good luck to the F This Gang as y'all head forth into uncharted and charted waters of sploitationy goodness!

    Its oft mentioned on this site/podcasts/twitter but as we go phases were we find ourselves being critical of the current state of cinema (for a myriad of reasons), its always important to realize just how much options and opportunities are out there from years (decades) before to discover! Junesploitation is a wonderful reminder of that and a great chance to get far-out suggestions that we all might never have found otherwise! I know that my "Oh i GOTTA see this" movie list grows substantially each day of June thanks to you all! Speaking of which...

    Special thanks to Patrick for the primer lists above....honestly just scrolling thru the 90s Action list alone made me giddy at the options available.

    Peace .n. 30 Days of Genre Sploitation


  2. Like last year, YouTube has aprox. 150+ movies under its 'FREE WITH ADS' movie category. The transfers, sound and English subtitles are comparable to competing streaming services, and unlike TUBI or PLUTO you can skip the ad breaks on these YT movies. This year there are A TON of Criterion Godzilla movies on this YT 'FREE WITH ADS' section, in case you want to get some kaiju monster action without splurging for the Criterion Collection boxset. Just a FYI heads-up. 😉

  3. I'll be keeping track of everyone's movies and reviews over on letterboxd... I tried this last year and couldn't stick to it due to work, but shouldn't be an issue this time. If you're interested - https://letterboxd.com/marcus_killerby/list/f-this-movie-junesploitation-2022-all-films/