Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Patrick and Mike are just cockroaches wearing horror t-shirts.

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  1. Jurassic World 3 should have a simple premise. Make it as if it's an alien invasion movie. At least you'd be dealing with the fact that dinosaurs are now roaming the world

  2. I you want to know what was changed for the Director's Cut, here's a second-by-second breakdown on the differences on

  3. It was fun having Mike on for something other than a Bond or a Horror Franchise show. Great podcast!

    Charles Dutton was great in this! In fact, I was already hating the husband character early on, because he kept yelling at Dutton, and was secretly happy when the husband died. When he emerges from the subway at the end, I think we were supposed to think it was a mimic at first (perhaps clothed in a jacket. I was really hoping for that early on when we were only seeing them in the shadows). We just see a shadowy figure and it cuts between the subway and the mum/kid a few times. I was expecting the shadowy figure to disappear (oh no! The mimics are still alive!), but instead we have the wet toast character emerge.

    There's no way he survived that blast. In fact, that was another favourite part of the movie. You'd just expect a big blast underground (done with cgi), but then the scene with the manhole covers flying up, cars flipping, fire coming from the ground, and people scrambling for safety was completely unexpected.