Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Patrick is joined by the hosts of Dorking Out and What a Creep, Sonia Mansfield and Margo Donohue, to talk about a Brat Pack classic.

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  1. Lee Pace was the lead in 'The Fall' directed by Tarsem Singh, from the mid 2000's. And he's great! I highly recommend the movie.

  2. A belated reply to Patrick's spoken review of Doctor Strange 2 - I don't see anything unduly trite or basic in the through line question of whether or not Strange is happy. Like Strange, I'm a single, childless working adult, so I can definitely identify with a general wondering of whether having a job that benefits society but isn't necessarily what you most wanted to do is enough for a general sense of life contentment. Is that really a shallower or more basic question than, say, Peter Parker wondering if being Spider-Man is worth the hassle? I certainly thought it was more profound than, say, James Bond identifying as a family man after spending about two days with a kid he just met. Sincerely, Gaith

  3. I haven't even see the movie, but this was a great episode. Margo and Sonia are just a treat with their enthusiasm, and they mesh well with Patrick. Hope they come back again.