Thursday, August 18, 2022


The review duo (and Patrick!) who will tell you if this one's anything to crow about.


  1. i kinda liked the sequel. i'm not as big a fan of K-Stew as you guys, so i didn't miss her

  2. Ahhh, where is Patrick's deeper feminist theory on this movie?? Actually I'm kind of the same...I had a whole feminist theory when I saw it, but it's been a long time since I've seen it and I may have forgot. Agree that they handled the emotion btw the queen and Snow White at the end in a cool way. That sadness, that tender real emotion is...Idk, I always say it's what "makes a feminist film" for me.

    I kind of had all similar thoughts - I really liked the visuals and costumes. I felt like they used a lot of symbols (like milk, like crows, like fairy nature stuff) and leaned hard into our problematic perceptions of women's purity, beauty and force. And even the special effects seemed different to me - very "feminine fantastic". I freaking loved that deer/stag thing. Perhaps it was the juxtaposition of the queen's white/black/gold world with the beautiful nature, animal elements.

    I think I went to see this movie because Florence and the Machine did the trailer song and I was going through a whole Florence and the Machine phase. (Still think she's the coolest thing, but I need some brighter/lighter music for my mental health these days). Basically I think I went into this hoping it could just serve as a great music video visual for FATM songs, and it did not disappoint.

    I liked the dwarves, too, which surprised me bc usually I think they use too many cliches with dwarves in fantasy. I liked Chris Hemsworth, which also surprised me. He and his brother look conventional but they are so charming and funny and have done some badass feminist movies like this and The Dressmaker. I'm not personally a big K-Stew acting fan but I get that there's something very attractive about her, and I DO think that counts for something.

    I found the sequel sooo different, with none of the stuff that made the first one good.

    1. Florence released an insane song earlier this year called "King", which will go nicely over some old Snow White & the Huntsman montages.

    2. Yeah I totally forgot to mention what a banger that FATM song is over the end credits.