Wednesday, September 7, 2022


Patrick and Rob get stuck in 2003.

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  1. I would be curious to have the same script directed today, after all the Marvel movie. But noooo, everything needs to be a tv show now

  2. I loved everything about this podcast but my favorite part was the track by track analysis of the Daredevil soundtrack. Wake me up inside, indeed!

    1. I knew every band. My music taste at the time was... well. I was young... :D

  3. Just some ideas for Patreon:
    - Talk about older movies (like pre-1970) that you love or has an interesting story to tell. I loved your episode on "The adventures of Robin Hood", but I know that those movies don't draw the numbers as contemporary movies do. But I believe, that people who are willing to pay for "content" (bad word, sorry), do want to listen to that kind of stuff, too.
    - Talk about the filmographies of directors of your choosing. Like "Cravin' Craven", just also with Tarantino, Hooper etc.
    - Talk about franchises, movie by movie, like "Universal Horror" from the old days, Hammer movies, Marvel movies etc. in returning formats. Not one franchise per episode, that would be way too much.
    - Re-Visit old episodes, and give an update on how you feel about those movies today (like what you did on Avatar).
    - Maybe talk about seasons of series you are watching - I would pay extra money to get an episode by Patrick on Stargate Atlantis. ;)
    - Make episodes on documentaries.
    - Talk about movie related stuff, like festivals, film culture, what is it like to be a movie critique, what is important in your opinion in a movie, and so on.

    I also think that you could leave the part of "have you seen anything good lately" to the regular episodes. That part is fun, but if you, Patrick, have to talk through the same movies all the time, that could be tearing. The episodes would be more focussed, maybe shorter, but it's extra "content" (ugh), so I guess it is fine.

  4. Just popped over to see that no one mentioned it was Channing Tatum driving the car that flips over to retrieve his Mt Dew with blasting Hoobstank in the background. Wow, can't believe that's a thing and I typed that sentence 😳 😅