Thursday, October 20, 2022


The review duo (and JB!) who don't condone Halloween store trespassing sleepovers.


  1. I thought it was pretty fun! 3.5/5 The first 20 minutes or so showing the town with the Halloween, fall vibes was great and the movie moves at a rapid pace (although definitely get's super redundant with the script, though, did anyone expect a good script?). I fully knew going in that there wouldn't be any licensed horror products shown as this film was made for next to nothing. The cave underneath the Toys R...uh, Spirit Halloween, was so wacky and they were clearing giving a nod to The Goonies as there's even a small little music cue in there that pays a nod to that film. I REALLY wished the film was rated PG and not PG-13. Granted, some of the things in the film are a bit too scary for the PG audience but the PG-13 crowd will find this film super dumb and not even close to other actual horror films that have that rating; they will think the film is for kids, which is should have been. It doesn't even feel like a PG-13 film at all. All in all, I loved the simplicity of it and it gave off a good feel to me. I'm not sure it's something I would put in my annual October rotation but I'll def revisit it again at some point.

  2. Completely agree that the first 20 minutes are very good…

    1. Hope you're well, JB! The J-Bones CD collection is getting FAT! Thank you again, brother.

  3. First off, I like the hats.
    Second, you’ve all convinced me to watch the first 20 minutes of Spirit Halloween and then turn it off to go rake leaves or something else fall-ish and pretend the movie ended there.
    Third, JB you’re a Californian now. Any drive under an hour is a “hop, skip and a jump” of a trip.

  4. Has the tone of an ABC after show special is perfect description by JB. I agree the first 15 mins are decent and once they get to the store it was a slog to finish.