Monday, October 31, 2022


Patrick and Mike's suffering will be legendary.

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  1. A handful of years ago I convinced myself you were going to do the Hellraiser series and I watched all of them over SMM. By the end, my 7 word reviews were just variations of "After all this, it better be Hellraiser". It wasn't Hellraiser. But you finally did it!

    I'm mostly curious to hear your thoughts about Inferno and Hellseeker. They were both decent movies imo, and the biggest problem was that they mashed Pinhead into the ending to make it a Hellraiser movie.

    They fell off hard after that. Deader and Hellworld I don't remember at all, except that Lance Henriksen is always fun to watch. Revelations looked like it was written and filmed over the course of 12 hours in someone's kitchen. Judgement was way too "try hard"; they were so focused on making it super Hellraiser, they forgot it had to be entertaining as a movie as well.

    Thanks for finally covering Hellraiser, and I'm looking forward to listening. Happy Halloween everyone!

    1. Tunnicliffe was doing makeup for all the Hellraiser movies from 3 onwards. He wrote Revelations, and wrote/directed Judgement. There was some excitement (mistakenly, in hindsight) before Judgement came out, because he was so obviously passionate about the franchise.

      "I've never felt deader inside when watching"...that should be the quote they put on the Hellraiser: Deader DVD!

      Great show guys! There's lots of franchises left. Next year you guys should do the Cube franchise! Only 3 movies and won't occupy all of your October.

  2. I have only seen the first Hellraiser, but I enjoyed the HELL out of this podcast! :) Thanks for making me laugh at 8am.

  3. I hadn't been this excited for a podcast since the Mirrors episode.

    I was convinced I'd seen at least 2 and 3 but it turned out I hadn't. Well... what a (tedious) ride that was! My biggest takeaway is that I like 4 much more than 3. I've heard Kevin Yagher mention it briefly, possibly in the How Not to Make a Movie podcast, and was expecting something truly awful, barely watchable really. In the end I can see and appreciate what he tried to do, behind all the mess. There's something ambitious and competent (at times even beautiful looking) in there, which is much (MUCH) more than can be said about the rest of the franchise. I have yet to see 8-10 (or do I?) but so far, to me, their biggest sin is that they're all so painfully boring. Were they at least entertaining, I'd be much more forgiving. At this point, I don't care the slightest about consistency or mythology; just go batshit crazy and have some fun with it, dammit!

    (PS: Tommy Pistol is a really fun performer, he's done countless porn parodies (there's a bunch of SFW gifs and memes going around on twitter), and he also stars in the new Soska sisters movie!)

  4. Of course THIS would be the one podcast from you guys that I listened to on my speaker in my office. Thanks for the deep dive into C--K RAISER! That I am sure pleased my boss here in HR. Wait human resources... HR... HELL RAISER... HR? "Butterball! We have a new job to do!"

  5. Great podcast, you two! I did the Hellraiser binge a few years back. I felt parts 1-4 make a watchable saga, and it's amazing how quickly the DTV sequels dissolve into vague memories.

    Is there a worse franchise? That'd the The Howling. Those DTV sequels make Hellraiser's looks like Empire Strikes Back.

    1. UGH! HOWLING is the worst franchise ever. You got me there! But for some damn reason I just ordered the special edition of HOWLING II YOUR SISTER IS A WEREWOLF...

  6. Halloween 4 is also my favourite and your love for it is contagious