Thursday, November 17, 2022

Reserved Seating: ARGO

The review duo who also give The Voyage of the Mimi its due.

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  1. Just got to this RS and I agree that Argo is a very good movie (not the best picture of 2012) they I enjoyed, but that if I never saw it again… I would not be disappointed. And while Goodman and Atkin were the best part of the movie, neither performance deserved a best supporting nomination.
    But to the point of this post: I hope that Aflecvember can extend into Bencember because my wife, our 12 year old daughter and I watched Surviving Christmas (2004), on a bit of a lark. All three of us were surprised at how much we laughed, immoderately, throughout this ridiculous holiday rom-com.
    I would love to hear your takes on Affleck’s 1000%-Affleck performance. Happy holidays!