Thursday, January 26, 2023

Reserved Seating: MEAN GENES

The review duo (and Patrick Bromley!) who weigh in on three Gene Siskel pans.


  1. Woot!

    One cannot overstate the importance of Siskel and Ebert to a movie loving child in the Chicago area during the 70s and 80s. Sneak Previews....later rebranded At The Movies (and syndicated)... transcended mere critique. The show was a discussion of movies..likes, dislikes, comparison, agreement, and hilarious disagreement. In a time LONG before the internet it was an incredible source of information and a sense of connection with fellow cinephiles.

    For those who are fans and those who are perhaps new to the team, i HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest a fun exercise that i often do: anytime you catchup with a fav flick or a new-to-you movie from, say, the late 70s thru early 90s, head to youtube and type the title with "Siskel and Ebert" added. Turns out theres a TON of old tv shows up there and its a blast seeing them discuss.

    Thanks Team F This! Great idea...keep episodes like this coming!!!

    Peace .n. Thumbs Up!


    1. with regards to y'alls discussion of Rapa-Nui....please take this in the best possible way....this is a movie Ive never heard all...and after hearing you three discuss it as well as what you said about Siskel and Eberts thoughts on it...i feel like i now know even less about it than i did going in. Bananas.