Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Patrick and Adam Riske are a little too Raph.

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  1. You're doing this, and still no podcast on Southland Tales. Ok, i see how it is... 😎😜

    Kidding aside, i'm curious what you're gonna say about TMNT2SotO, but i have an idea 😜

  2. Adam, I'll see your (as you put it) embarrassing sewer inspection moment and raise you this: I was so TMNT obsessed as a kid that I recorded over some of my family's home videos with episodes of the TMNT TV show because I wanted to save them. I was young and dumb and surely didn't realize what I was doing. Oops!

  3. Super curious what episode 666 has in store

  4. I had a very similar Skinamarink experience. I was alone in an empty theater (no one in the lobby) and an empty screening room (only 100 seats tho) until 2 people came in and sat behind me during the trailers. They didn’t talk during the movie. But when it was over one of them immediately said, “I wanna watch Plane again. I just wanna go watch Plane again. Can we go see Plane? I wanna see Plane again.” It was also odd because it was the last showing of the night. It was almost more disturbing than the movie.

  5. CINEMARINK! In my Idaho hometown, we had the Showboat Cinema next to Skate Plaza, and, yes, there were elementary school birthday parties that combined a feature film, skating and pizza. When the new theater in town opened, Showboat closed and was purchased by a church. A few years later, the church also bought the skate rink, and then they opted to only play Christian music on the rink... No more pop hits from ANY generation. So, obviously, only the Jesus-loving folks from the church still go to Skate Plaza.

    P.S. It's best I not share the various boneheaded things I did as a Turtlemaniac in the 90s.

  6. Ah, NW suburbs movie theater talk. This is my crack. (My memory of Golf Mill mall was that it was where my brother took me to see Rocky III.)