Saturday, March 4, 2023

It's F This Movie Fest 2023!

The day has arrived!

The day of F This Movie Fest 12 is finally here! Beginning at 10 am CST today, we'll be watching six of the most 1983 movies ever made!

Follow us on Twitter (@fthismovie) and be sure to follow the hashtag #fthismoviefest to participate in the conversation. Thanks to EVERYONE who has worked so hard to spread the word and get people involved. The excitement all of you have been expressing here and on Twitter has meant the world to all of us.

Here's a refresher on the lineup. All times are CST.

10am: WarGames (dir. John Badham)

12:30 pm: Superman III (dir. Richard Lester)

3pm: Mr. Mom (dir. Stan Dragoti)

4:45 pm: Krull (dir. Peter Yates)

7:15 pm: Valley Girl (dir. Martha Coolidge)

9:00 pm: Return of the Jedi (dir. Richard Marquand)
Note: We'll be watching the Special Edition since that's what is most widely available
See you all on Twitter!

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  1. WOOT! GREAT JOB TEAM F THIS AND F THIS FAM! the tweets and laughs and movie love was a flying all day long. y'all rock.

    Peace .n. JOSHUA