Wednesday, May 10, 2023


Patrick and Rosalie have reached the Winter of our Discontent.

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  1. This was a delightful show, Rosalie and Patrick! You make me want to revisit Reality Bites, which I hardly remember. But at the same time you confirm the only thing I DO remember, which is that itʻs not as cool as it thinks it is and Troy is not actually likable. He could wash his hair.

    So I never got really into young Ethan Hawke (never saw Dead Poetʻs Society, maybe thatʻs why), but I read his book, The Hottest State, in the late 90s, probably when I was 15 or 16. His book is just like one of these movies - Reality Bites or Singles. Itʻs the same exact vibe and subjects.

    I think a lot about sincerity in movies now, too. I wonder if everyone is just interested in sincerity more these days, and our desire for it is a mark of our times.