Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Summer Grab Bag

by Adam Riske
A few random movie-related clips to keep you amused.

Wait Till the Midnight Hour

There’s something magical about attending a midnight movie. It doesn’t feel dangerous exactly, but it does feel exciting in a specific way - like you want to see something crazy as long as you’re still safe. I love this ad because it captures a “Brad & Janet” like couple who tentatively approach seeing a midnight movie and then all hell breaks loose. If the stuff in this AMC Theaters snipe (from the mid-1980s) actually happened before a midnight movie, I would go every weekend. It’s like Demons meets Messiah of Evil.

He Got Game

This ad’s hilarious. It shows a young kid on a date (with a pre-fame Leighton Meester!) who’s throwing his weight around like Henry Hill at the Copacabana trying to impress her. If I were working at this theater, I would look forward to every time this kid went to the movies. He would live in infamy. I love the ad because this is totally how a ‘90s kid would try to sound fancy to impress a girl on a date at Loews Cineplex. And yes, this ad’s more than a little creepy by 2023 standards.

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying!

Let me preface this one…I saw a shortened version of this Xfinity/Sing 2 ad many times while I binged marathons of The Office on Comedy Central during the pandemic. This was a time I was, like most of us, “in my feelings” a lot and the slightest provocation of positive sentiment would leave me reeling. In other words, this Sing 2 ad made me cry consistently for a couple of months. I love it so much. It’s the best thing Illumination has ever done. It’s all the reaction for the little kid dog -- like this moment is going to be something she looks back on and it will sustain her during the dark days for the rest of her life. It was all a near disaster and then a miracle happened. Shit like this is why we wake up every morning. I’m crying again now.

Moore Milk!

Did you know everyone on the set of The Man with the Golden Gun was binge drinking milk? You do now! It’s one of my unseen Bonds. I’m waiting for a time when I can sit down and watch the WHOLE thing and not just SKIM it on cable.

My Dream Junket

This is a junket interview from the release of Demon Knight where entertainment reporter Bobbie Wygant interviews The Crypt Keeper or “CK” as he’s called in the biz. If this happened to me, I’d know I’d died and went to heaven. Can I…become The Crypt Keeper in the afterlife? Kind of a Tim Allen in The Santa Clause kinda deal?

Jurassic Narc

The video starts excitingly enough - - the opening weekend gusto of 1993’s Jurassic Park but then it takes a darker turn around the 1:20 mark when this little kid tries to ruin it for all of us. He’s a plant. No kid says “film” unless prompted. I bet he got a job at Enron so he could continue ruining everyone’s life. If he’s so upset, then take off the Jurassic Park button on your shirt, little dude! Words have consequences, yo. And what’s with the wet blanket business journalist? Don’t you live for sh*t like this? Mixed message? Get the f**k outta here! I want a Dino cup and I’m a man, Patricia.

I Want That

I didn’t know until this morning there was a Free Willy animated series. I know what I’m doing with the rest of my weekend.

Know of any fun movie-related clips you want to share? Please leave them in the comments!

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  1. 1) Loooove this posting. So many wacky videos.

    2) The opening of the craziness in the midnight movie clip starts with patrons singing "Singling in the Rain". direct callback to a classic midnight flick "A Clockwork Orange".

    3) Guess what that little kid worried about the dinosaurs stomping people grew up to do for a living? He's a lawyer who specializes in Incident Response and Risk Analysis! (at least im pretty sure of it based on some internet sleuthery).

    4) There have been references to how Roger Moore was a bit cringe worthy trying to play the womanizer bond role way too old. Im not sure an entire bond production commercial where he enjoys a nice glass of milk is doing anything but make those references worse. Thou it begs the question: Why didnt Polygrip work it out such that Q gave some to Bond and it ended up saving the day in one of the movies. ?