Wednesday, July 12, 2023


Patrick and Rosalie Lewis stick up for one of the most underrated movies of the '90s.


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  2. Patrick you should definitely check out Operation Avalanche. It’s another found footage movie and I really appreciate that in both movies Johnson actually justifies why this footage is being recorded and even more so why it’s being edited together into a movie. IMO The Dirties is a masterpiece and while Operation Avalanche doesn’t hit you on that same level it’s still ambitious in ways I don’t want to spoil.

  3. Great show as always guys, I love when you do thee unheralded 90s classics. I first saw it when on vacation in Orlando in 1997. My family went to Disney or somewhere and I went to the used section of a Blockbuster and bought it. Loved it ever since. For me its even better than Menace II Society, though I have likely seen it more. Thank you for the recommendations. I will watch the dirties and rewatch Night Shift. Thank you guys for all you do. You truly make Wednesdays better for all of us.

  4. Another excellent Keith David performance. He always elevates the films he appears in. Only 39 years old when this was released, but his character feels much older.