Thursday, August 31, 2023

Reserved Seating: NEEDFUL THINGS

The review duo who have buyer's remorse.


  1. Rob, shot in the dark, you mentioned re-watching Twin Peaks, which I am too. Did you happen to catch the first season of the Nextlander watchcast on it? They were doing it recently until the writer's strike. I also went back and relistened to my favorite podcast of all time, the Twin Peaks Rewatch podcast from Idle Thumbs. I'm almost sure you have no idea what I'm talking about. However, I'm really dreading and anticipating rewatching season 3. I saw it when it came out, it blew my mind and disapointed me at the same time over and over. Very curious how it will play out this time. I'm scared to see it again!

    1. I haven’t heard those podcasts, but I’ll check them out. I loved The Return, so we may differ there. I’m really excited to rewatch, especially after muscling through the rough spots of season 2.