Tuesday, October 10, 2023


Patrick and Heather talk about Tobe Hooper's first masterpiece and the best horror movie made.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to catching up with the Hooper movies I haven't seen yet during this series! Also, looking forward to the Spontaneous Combustion episode, because I loved it, and later saw it was reviewed quite unfavourably by critics and audiences alike.

    1. I adored Spontaneous Combustion when I first saw it, which I think is kinda odd because at the time I didn't like most of Hooper's movies... It was only because of Bromley that I revisited movies like TCM2 and The Funhouse and could finally see them for the astounding movies they are. But Spontaneous Combustion always worked for me. The vitriol towards it has stopped me going back to it for years. I should put an end to that this october.

  2. Much like Heather, this was the ONE movie that my dad wouldn't let me see. Following my parents divorce, my dad would let me see absolutely anything. In fact, at the ripe ol' age of 10, he insisted I see The Exorcist (catholics are weird that way). But for some reason, he drew the line at TCM. So.... being the shitheel of a 12 year old I was, I shoplifted it from Borders Book Store. I think the combination of it being the one movie my dad wouldn't let me see and the fact that I had done something illegal to get a copy added to make it this ultra-forbidden movie. Plus the sepia cover with a black and white leather face running towards you... the anticipation of watching it was pulse pounding. I waited until my dad was asleep, snuck out to the computer, put the disc in, heard that awful horrible screeching sound the movie opens with playing over the menu... and I lost my nerve. I ejected it, took it out to the outside trashbins and threw it in the bin... Then I spent the next 2 hours working up the courage to go get it. I eventually did and watched it, and you'd think so much anticipation would ruin it for me, but man did this movie work for me. Utterly petrified me. It felt unsafe and crazed. Frankly, it felt evil.

    Wonderful podcast as always guys, so happy that you're continuing Cravin' Craven with Hanging with Hooper... Hoping for Romancing Romero next.

  3. Can't wait to listen! My Second Sight 4k of TCM arrived today.

  4. Heather, they did remake Point Break