Wednesday, February 21, 2024

FTM 713 - THE 1994 SHOW

Patrick and Erika celebrate 1994 week by counting down their favorite movies of that year.

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  1. Speaking of 1994, they just announced The Crow 4k. No details on the extras yet. Release in May

  2. You need to watch Three Colors Blue at least. It's definitely the best of the trilogy

  3. Erika *is* so adorable and I love when she's on.

  4. Always enjoy a Patrick and Erika episode! Surprised there was so many I haven't seen on both lists. Somehow it's been thirty years and I still haven't seen Crooklyn.

    Also can confirm Love is Blind mania is real. I bought my wife a pair of the gold plated stemmed wine glasses they're always using on for Valentine's Day. Makes you really feel like you're in the pods.