Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Listen to "Only You Could Bring Me Back"

 by Erich Asperschlager

The theme song of F This Movie Fest 2024!

Find this song and more great Erich with an H hits at his official Bandcamp page!


  1. OMG. this is legit beautiful, awesome sounding, toe tapping, beer mug swinging, and hilarious!!!! (the godfather 3 line is killing me).

    "F this movie F this movie onlyyyyy you could bring me back"

    Amazing Work Erich...seriously made my day...cheers sir!

  2. This is so good!!!!! I always love your songs, Erich, and this one is a beaut!

  3. Thank you both! Every year I wonder if this is the year I'll flake and not get a song done in time, and every year I end up putting out something I'm proud of. As always, I started the song expecting it to be funny, but finished it with tears in my eyes screaming into the heavens. Can't wait to join in on Saturday!