Saturday, February 24, 2024

It's F This Movie Fest 2024!

Hope on Twitter and join us!

The most joyous day of the year is upon us! It's F This Movie Fest! No open thread this weekend, but click here to view the schedule for today's fest and join us online! #fthismoviefest


  1. Woot woot! I think we're all set with more snacks than we know what to do with. I usually try to secure a physical copy of the movie, but this year I'm going to rely on streaming for some of them. Several were already available on Disney+/Hoopla/Tubi.

    Watched True Lies last night as a warmup. I had only seen it once before and somewhat forgotten how good it was.

  2. Ok gang...its almost showtime! We've been training for this all our lives. But its not going to be easy. This is a marathon, not a race. Just remember the basics and you'll be fine...

    1) Stay hydrated!
    2) Beer counts as hydration but read those labels ("this quintuple hopped quadruple IPA is 78% alcohol???")
    3) If you start cramping up, stretch and tweet.
    4) Popcorn IS a meal and a food group. Vary toppings accordingly (i literally have two jars of bacon seasoning if anyone needs some).
    5) WiFi issues? Jet over to starbucks and setup a 100' screen and projector and snag a vanilla bean latte.
    6) Dont forget about Proof of Pizza. Pan, pub, chicago style, stuffed, cauliflower crust, deep dish, frozen, homemade, leftover, puff, and so on! Also, there are NO rules for toppings. Pineapple is fine. As is a full rack of ribs or a 5 lb wheel of 15 year aged cheddar. Have fun with it.
    7) Feel free to turn to younger viewers every 15m and say " back then is when they made good movies"
    8) Start thinking about the fan fiction you'll write tomorrow where you pull in one character from each ideas down...{"3rd act will feature jim carrey (as Mask) and chris elliot facing off against Van Damme in a HUGE martial arts battle on a speeding bus. include funny bit where all three are in full splits" }
    10) Most of all....have these times of division, anger, vitriol, and general negativity, the F This Fam are coming TOGETHER to watch movies, laugh, tweet, and share a love of cinema. Thats just dandy.

    Peace .n. SMOOOOOOKIN!


    1. Hahaha "Jet over to Starbucks and set up a 100" screen"... I actually LOVE the idea of FTM Fest watch parties! We may need to set up a West Coast HQ next year! Great advice for fans, Mash. See everyone in 2025!

  3. Well, i'm not doing the Fest, but i'm watching a fan edit of Lynch's Dune, which is very interesting, if flawed in its editing. That movie is my favorite film ever, so i'll consume anything related to it

  4. Well, Twitter thought I was a bot so stopped letting me post and like things for the final movie. Just wanted to say a hearty thanks to Patrick, the F This Movie team and the F-Head community for another grand day of movie love. I loved reading everyone's comments (especially during Cabin Boy).

  5. Couldn't participate in the fest this year (prior plans), but hope everybody had a good time. Can't wait for FtMF 2025.