Wednesday, March 20, 2024


Patrick and Anthony King just want breakfast after 11.

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  1. Really great episode! This was also one of those movies I was weirdly drawn to as a kid because the poster looked like the cover of an issue of Punisher: War Journal (a comic I really shouldn't have been reading at that age). Watched it all the time during its reign on the WGN/TBS circuit.

    In recent years I've come to appreciate FD more, especially since we lost Joel Schumacher. As a counterpoint to your observations on the B-plot, the last time I watched it the Duvall stuff is what made the movie work for me. I interpreted the Duvall-wife subplot as a juxtaposition with D-Fens and his wife. Duvall is rededicating himself to retirement to become something like a caretaker for his wife, who seems to be borderline, and Hershey is trying to extricate herself from D-FENS as not to get caught in his spiral. They both still clearly care about their people but are also struggling with the reality that loving a person cannot cure their illness or make them any less dangerous. This also explains why Duvall can't seemingly let the case go-- he wants to protect Hershey, the daughter and D-FENS from D-FENS, which makes the whole gunslinger ending that much more tragic.

    Anyway, thanks for the quality pod and keep up the awesome work Patrick and Anthony!

    1. Thank you! And I love this read on the movie, and I think it’s probably why I find it to be sort of a comfort movie.

  2. Totally agree with Harry. It had been 15+ years since I had last seen Falling Down. If you asked me on Monday if I liked it, I would have said no, I LOVED it. Not the case anymore but I totally saw the movie in a different light on my rewatch yesterday. Really picked up on all the mental health focus that I didn’t when I was a kid watching this. We all watched this too young, and when you do it’s easy to relate to De-Fens because when he doesn’t get what he wants he throws a tantrum.

    Here’s a thought that I never had until yesterday…….Prendergast’s wife killed their daughter. She smothered her and he helped cover it up claiming it was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome even though she was 2. He’s dealing with her mental health struggles by using love and D-Fens family is running from it. D-Fens is back with his mom who is also struggling and Prendergast shows compassion instead of frustration when dealing with her.

    I really had a weird reaction to the viewing that I wasn’t expecting, so cheers guys for motivating me to rewatch it this week.