Wednesday, May 8, 2024


Patrick and Heather discuss Heather's favorite Tobe Hooper movie, missed Oscar opportunities, and the controversy around Tobe's biggest studio hit.

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  1. off their global book tour they come back and hit us with a podcast about one of the best scary movies of all time. (DIRECTED by Tobe Hooper).

    A movie that not only finds a way to combine fear of dolls and fear of clowns but also does so without any froofy special effects, animatronics, or having the doll dance down a hallway with a paper slicer. A movie that fits in with a few other 80s classics where you say "How the F@#k did that scene end up in a PG movie!?!". A movie that depicts a family like a real family, in the face of unthinkable challenges. Oh sure Jaws made everyone afraid of the ocean...but thats easy..sharks are scary....THIS movie made us afraid of inanimate TREES OUTSIDE OUR WINDOWS! (annd Evil Dead took said trees to a far darker place..the horror..the horror). A movie filled with so many scary scenes yet one of the most terrifying is a freaking stack of chairs. A movie with so many scary scenes yet the final reveal in the pool looks at all scenes before it and says "hold my skeleton beer".