Thursday, August 25, 2011

F This Movie! - Star Trek (2009) (200th Post!)

Patrick and Mike are such nerds.

Download this episode here (62.5 MB).

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  1. Where did you say we could read those Trek episode reviews? Was it TV Verdict? I googled that and only came up with the forum for DVD Verdict. I must read TOS episode reviews that feature the same witty cynicism of F This Movie!

  2. Hey, Heath! Thanks for your interest. is temporarily down due to technical issues and while the good people in charge over there work on a redesign. I'm currently working on moving the TOS write ups elsewhere; I'll be sure to let you know when it's ready. Though, to be honest, those write ups aren't very cynical because I'm still in the "drooling fanboy" phase.

  3. A word about TNG when you get to it: bear with the first season. It gets waaaay better after that. Plus, Worf looks 1000% better with long hair. I still hate Troi and *shudder* Chief O'Brien though...

  4. That's cool, Patrick. I can understand the TOS love and lack of cynicism on the TV Verdict reviews. I respect your views and analysis on most of what you review for the site and podcast, so I'm just jonesing to read your thoughts. No Trek captures my imagination like those original three seasons. I especially love the Blu-Ray versions with the new special effects. They bring me in even deeper to the universe. Anyway, thanks for the info and the podcast. Great stuff, as always.