Thursday, October 20, 2011

F This Movie! - American Psycho

Patrick and Doug are in Murders and Executions.

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  1. Oh, cool, I just picked this up on blu-ray at Target last Saturday for five dollars. I haven't watched it yet, and don't remember much about it from the last time I saw it, which was when it was first released on DVD. The missus and I will watch this before I listen, then I'll be more informed. I was saving it for after October, since I didn't think it counted as horror.
    More to come!

  2. Great podcast for a great film.

  3. Oh, it TOTALLY counts as horror! I mean, it's about a PSYCHO who KILLS people. Also, he is AMERICAN! Hope you enjoy the show, Heath!

  4. Yeah, I definitely enjoyed the show (of course). I think you guys did a good job covering all the bases on this one. I still can't decide on what I think actually happens and what doesn't, but I like it when a movie challenges me long after it's over. Most of the flicks I've watched so far have had me wondering what I wanted to eat when it was over. OR getting up to get a snack while it was still in progress and not bothering to pause. Or disappearing to the bathroom with a book...but I've said too much.

    Also, five minutes into the movie, my wife turns to me and says "he reminds me of Tom Cruise."

    Good stuff, Patrick and Doug.