Saturday, October 1, 2011

F This Movie! - Sleepaway Camp Commentary

To kick off Scary Movie Month, we've recorded our very first feature-length audio commentary for the '80s horror classic Sleepaway Camp. Listen along as Patrick, Doug, Mike and JB pull the pants off this bad boy and discover some big surprises. Happy October!

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Download this commentary here. (39.3 MB)

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  1. Finally made it through the movie so I could listen to the commentary. I have to say, the commentary is exponentially better than the movie was. This was awesome, I'd definitely be up for more of these. Well done, guys.

  2. How many people can say that a single commentary track has changed their lives? Well, this one did. Upon hearing it (because I held the movie it mocks in high esteem) I realized I had been worshipping a false idol, or, at the very least, a naked emperor. This commentary showed me you can laugh at the things you like while still recognizing its stronger attributes that survive the (hilarious, borderline "MST3K" good) mocking. Patrick and the gang still refer to 'Peter' as 'Angela' just like everybody that has seen the movie, even though the ending makes it clear it's Peter we've been with the whole movie. For all the (rightful) mocking Robert Hiltzik takes he pushed his 'Angela' agenda through to the end and won us all over who, to this date, still think of 'Angela' when watching "Sleepaway Camp" (the alternate-timeline sequels at least make it clear the character changed genders and truly became female). And, unlike 90% of movies we watch, the fucking ending of this movie will stay with those of us that saw it for as long as we live. Bad acting, paper-thin character motivations, barely-repressed homophobia, crappy continuity ('officer greasepaint')... one could argue all the fuck-ups collectively help the movie by distracting you from looking at the freight train that ran us all over during the movie's last two minutes. Hiltzik = (unintentional) genius?

    More important though, this commentary made me realize who Patrick & friends were, about this blogspot website and the podcasts. After hearing 40+ podcasts I can now tell Mike apart from Doug (something I couldn't do the first of about 13 times I've heard the commentary), I appreciate where JB is coming from and so look forward to more commentaries from this bunch of cinephiles (hopefully with Alex and Erika contributing on the next one). For the record though, this "Sleepaway Camp" commentary might be the most foul-mouthed and hilarious thing I've heard in years. Doug's 'Do you have any balls?' line, Mike's 'Do you have a peanut allergy?' line, JB's sad attempts to start a 'GODZILLA, AHHH' running gag that everybody else ignores, Patrick's never-ending dick jokes... too-much-funny!

    Sometimes I wonder if the commentary is deliberately OTT foul-mouthed because its trying to mirror the movie its commenting on, which is wall-to-wall angry profanity. Guess we're going to have to wait for the next commentary to see if the level of language reflects the movie being watched. I hope it's not Eddie Murphy's "Raw" you guys are tackling next. :-P

  3. As part of the Central Florida Film Festival, the local theater a few minutes from my house is showing Sleepaway Camp at the end of August! I'm kind of excited to watch it in a theater/festival atmosphere. It should be a lot of cheesy fun. Plus, Felissa Rose will be in attendance for a Q and A!

  4. Brilliant commentary. The only complaint I have is there was not enough penis jokes ;)

  5. Thanks awesome job guys that was alot of fun cant wait to listen to the next one, I am thinking Silent Night Deadly Night commentary.