Friday, October 12, 2012

Watchin' Trailerz with Doug (Oct. 12)

It's quantity over quality this week as we look at trailers for old GHOST MOVIES! Ooooohhh-Ooooo! Oooh-oh-oOooOOoOoo! There sure are a lot of them, aren't there? What's your favorite? None of them? That's not a good answer. #ScaryMovieMonth

The Haunting
Release date: Sept. 18, 1963

"You may not believe in ghosts, but you cannot deny terror!" Probably one of the most well-known "original" ghost films, and -- look at me sitting her like a dum-dum -- I've never even seen it! What's it say about me that I recognize Russ Tamblyn (Riff from West Side Story) before I recognize Julie Harris or Richard Johnson? It says I'm a dum-dum, is what is says! I need to add this to my queue. Next!

Release date: June 4, 1982

When I first saw this movie in the mid-1980s, I was terrified of the clown, the skeletons in the pool/mud pit and the possessed tree. When I watched it last year (for the first time in several years), I was distracted by how HOT the mom, JoBeth Williams, is. #ScaryBonerMonth Want to hear an in-depth discussion about Poltergeist? Of course you do. Listen to our podcast!

The Shining
Release date: May 23, 1980

"Hmmm, that's odd. Usually the blood gets off at the second floor." Is The Shining a ghost story? Survey sez (for the purposes of this column): YES!

The Ring
Release date: Oct. 18, 2002

I've never been big into Japanese horror (or even remakes of Japanese horror, like the above trailer from 2002). That's more J-Horror's thing. And by "J-Horror," I mean JB's rap handle. Just ask him! He loves the stuff. While this movie is definitely "disturbing" (and, yes, SCARY), it also rubs me the wrong way. But, I know it has tons of fans, so it's gotta be doing something right.

What Lies Beneath
Release date: July 21, 2000

Can you believe this is the highest grossing horror movie of all time? And to think, director Robert Zemeckis pooped it out during the shooting hiatus for Cast Away. Tom Hanks losing all that weight ... now THAT'S scary. #JayLeno'sGhostWasHere

Lady in White
Release date: April 22, 1988

Hey ParaNorman, seen Lady in White recently? Also, ParaNorman, why no love for Katherine Helmond? You're telling me there's no room for a sex-hungry stop-motion ginger GILF in your family-friendly film? I really like horror movies that take place around Halloween (it's probably the only reason I like 1986's Trick or Treat), and who doesn't love a young, sickly looking Lukas Haas? If memory serves (and it usually doesn't), doesn't this [LONG] film have a pretty intense ending?

Release date: June 22, 2007

This is kind of a joke movie between myself and Patrick. He saw it first, and recommended it to me based on what he [correctly] perceived to be my interest in horror (namely, to be creeped the F out). I saw it in the theater, and, oh, how do I put this ... I was NOT impressed. Patrick and I ALMOST broke up over it. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. STILL, the trailer is incredibly unsettling. It also contains all of the best scenes from the movie. I also like that, at the end of the preview, a narrator informs us that the movie is directed by Mikael HÂfstrˆm. Is that supposed to mean something? No thanks, 1408!

Stir of Echoes
Release date: Sept. 10, 1999

Disregarding this pretty awful trailer, Stir of Echoes is underrated, probably because it came out a month after the incredibly successfully (and familiarly ghost-themed) The Sixth Sense. But don't let similarities stop you from seeing this really well-made film. Plus, it stars Kevin Bacon (I'll take him over Haley Joel Osment), and it takes place in Chicago (not BORING Philadelphia). And, it has possibly the most disturbing fingernail-breaking effect I've ever seen in my life! Lastly, Illeana Douglas is a fox, I don't care what nobody say.

The Innocents
Release date: Dec. 25, 1961

Another classic that I've never seen! Why am I wasting my time finding these trailers for you! I should be out WATCHING MOVIES. Based on the Henry James novella The Turn of the Screw from 1898, this film was adapted for the screen by William Archibald and TRUMAN F-ING CAPOTE. Thanks Wikipedia! I need to add this to my queue, too. Next!

The Blair Witch Project
Release date: July 30, 1999

You know, it's totally hip right now to pretend you weren't frightened by this movie when it was first released over 13 years ago. That's because people ALWAYS want to appear too-cool-for-school. "Es la moda," as my wife would say. But let us not forget the impact this film first had on EVERYONE back in 1999, from its huge, record-breaking box office success and legion of imposters, to the seismic impact it's had on modern-day found-footage horror (see below). While light on genuine scares (aside from the final scene) and substance (and, honestly, not very rewatchable), The Blair Witch Project proved that anyone could make a movie, provided they had access to a MiniDV camera and a see-through turquoise iMac. Listen to Patrick and Alex dissect this movie here, part of #ScaryMovieMonth 2010. Fun, parting fact -- the female lead, Heather Donahue, wrote a book, GROWGIRL, about her time as a medical marijuana grower. #TheMoreYouGROW

Paranormal Activity
Release date: Oct. 16, 2009

Aaaand ... there you have it.

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