Wednesday, January 30, 2013

F This Movie! - F Everything!

With just three days left until F This Movie Fest, Patrick and Doug talk about the movies of 1991, Star Wars, Oscars and the importance of the second reference.

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  1. I'll show you a bio.

    I'm 30. This is 30 in IMAX HFR 3D.

    I have lived in the Chicago area my whole life. I used to be attractive in high school but time has caught up to me and I'm a full on Monet nowadays.

    I'm super super into movies ever since my uncles took me to R-rated movies when I was 5 or 6 years old. I used to cut out pictures of the newspaper ads for movies and put them up in my parent's house and call it Adam's movie theater. My parents would sometimes allow in and sometimes throw away my movie theater in an attempt give the "neighborhood" a renaissance.

    I was in a frat and it sucked for the most part. I am a businessman. I love puns. My favorite movie is 2001 though I completely understand when people don't like it.

    I love early 90s hip hop music and Fiona Apple (the music, not so much the person..she's my angst).

    I am a HUGE Bulls fan and a pretty big White Sox fan. I do improv (which is kind of the worst) and stand up around Chicago. One of my ex-gfs left me for a serf at Medieval Times.

    I will DJ your hookup if you, anything else?

    1. "2001" is my 2nd favorite movie of all time (which might as well be #1 because the top 5 are all bunched together). I knew I liked you for a reason Adam, and now it's clear why (wink). :-)

  2. Nice podcast. Doug's cold wasn't mentioned on the main site (maybe it did on Facebook or Twitter?) so I didn't know. Is this why we got back-to-back Mark Ahn podcasts recently? For the record: get well Doug and keep drinking lots of chicken noodle soup (yum). :-)

    Jet Blue also has Direct TV on its planes and I also watch "Law & Order" repeats (or "SVU"/"Criminal Intent" one's on USA) whenever I go see my folks. I don't have a favorite "L&O" era or detective pair-up though, to me they all work fine except for the year-long experiment with Det. Nina Cassady's rookie detective (God, Season 17 was such a train wreck).

    And holy shit, based on your description of the plot and some scenes apparently I've never seen "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey." I'm confusing parts of the plot of "Excellent Adventure" as "Bogus Journey's." Was wondering why I don't remember the Death dude from Bergman's "Seventh Seal" that's on the poster.
    That makes it three new-to-me movies in the '91 Film Fest. Yikes.

    My new-to-me-from-1991 films:

    1/29/13, 1991 Cannes Palme d'Or darling BARTON FINK, from Ethan & Joel Coen, on Amazon Instant Video HD.

    1/30/13, the lovely singing pipes of Angela Lansbury and Jerry Orbach (!) in Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Theatrical Version) on Blu-ray.

    1/31/13 (getting tomorrow out of the way early because I have a double-shift at work to get free time for the Saturday Film Fest), the mainstream breakthrough film of a certain Richard Linklater, SLACKER, on Amazon Instant Video.

  3. I'm glad a mention of the Power Glove didn't go by without somebody uttering "it's so bad!" haha. That made my day.

    Regarding Bill and Ted, while I remembered the Grim Reaper I completely forgot about the evil robot usses (or however you would spell that...) from Bogus Journey. Clearly since I don't remember elements of the plot, maybe it will be fun to revisit it! It has been quite a while. I'm kind of excited for it now.

    Finally, Ben Affleck as Star Wars director, beased on my enjoyment of all his other movies, is actually a concept I would have been very intrigued to see. Oh well, I still think is a great, if not a little obvious, choice!

  4. Love these episodes.

    STATION! such a random word to attempt to replace "Excellent" or "Party on dudes", but F it, I like it. Kinda fits the randomness of the movie as a whole. Damn, I am looking forward to that movie. I was going to skip it due to time but I might just have to get up for that one...Ill probably sleep in though (slacker).

    Id love to hear more about the Adventures of Oscar Gold: Hollywood Boulevard's Homeless Talent Agent.

  5. Oh, and I hope Black Cobra is going to be covered soon.
    F This Movie, now with 10% more Hammer!
    He'll win every fight, Not die and Get the girl at the end......if he wants her.

  6. Great podcast, duders. 1991 really was a great year for movies. I already knew T2 was my favorite (just in terms of overall, lasting impact - Silence of the Lambs is probably what I'd consider the BEST movie of the year) but I was checking out a list of what came out and that is an All-Star list. I think that was definitely my crossover year in terms of like, still liking stuff for younger kids but also getting into more adult stuff; e.g. I still liked TMNT2 but I also really liked Fried Green Tomatoes. So thanks guys, without F This Movie I probably have never recognized what an important movie year 1991 was in my life.

    Doug, it sounds like you and I are very similar Star Wars fans. Not CRAZY about it but more than just casual fans. We will watch the Prequel Trilogy because we like being in that universe, and we can see that they're not GREAT movies but we don't accuse George Lucas of raping our childhood. I do lament the fact they could EASILY have been much better, but hey, that makes JJ's job pretty easy - I am looking forward to a new trilogy and I am 100% confident they will at least be better than the prequels.

    Anyway, highly looking forward to exchanging smart ass comments with you guys and the rest of the gang in REAL TIME this Saturday - I officially have no other commitments and will be there for every minute of it!

  7. When you started the "Oscar Gold" bit, I thought you were going to say women wanted to take him home because of his big Academy Member. Congrats on not going blue!

  8. I agree with Patrick on the JJ Abrams thing. I'm sure he'll do a fine job, but I fear everything falling into one set of hands.

  9. I just feel like I should finally come clean to all you guys. We're friends and you should know.

    I've been doping since 2002.

    I, like Doug, love the world of Star Wars. I think the prequels were a mess as far as story goes, but successes in furthering the world and atmosphere. I still think the world is a better place with Darth Maul, double bladed lightsaber fights, and the fact that Jar Jar Binks cast the deciding vote that started the Clone Wars. The blood of thousands, perhaps millions, is on his hands. Weesa gonna burn-bad in hell!

    Also, while I haven't seen hardly any of his more recent movies (and by recent, I mean the last ten years or so) I think Clint Eastwood is the muthafucking MAN. When I think of a cowboy, I think of Blondie from Leone's trilogy. I'm a big western guy, and I think that after Unforgiven, a moratorium should have been put on westerns. I should write about this in my column. A 25 part series on the westerns of Clint Eastwood.

    FUCK AWARDS SHOWS. I care less and less each year about most of the movies that get nominated for these things.

    When Doug said Patrick likes cats because he's a big pussy, I was listening at work and did that weird, strangled Gee-hee! laugh that I do when I'm trying to be quiet but can't contain myself. My coworkers probably thought I had gas.

    Doug, thank you for the shout out about my rugged Alabamian grooming. My secret: Grecian Formula. True story, the last time my wife and I chaperoned a dance at her school (she's a teacher) one of the kids asked me where I bought my mustache. So there you go, I apparently can put it on and take it off. You can borrow it every now and then, if you want.