Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mike and Adam's SDCC Diary (Day 3)

You want long lines? Mike and Adam got 'em.

Day three of our coverage of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, featuring appearances by Hit Girl, Paul F. Tompkins, the cast of Star Trek: TNG and Captain Crunch.


  1. Paul F. Tompkins makes me want to dress better and his white blazer in this is no exception.

  2. Man, puberty was NOT kind to Hit Girl...

  3. Comic Con always sounds like fun but the reality seems like anything but. Too many lines and no guarantees your ticket gets you anywhere. Panels are posted on youtube so one can skip the craziness.
    However, these videos you're making Mike and Adam are great. They really capture your enthusiasm and disappointments.

  4. I'm a fan of these events but have to say a whole weekend of them feels a bit much for me, one day at the event is cool for me. I've been to some of the smaller events in Orlando as well as one in Miami (Bruce Campbell was awesome!) so props to Mike and Adam for braving the lines but I just couldn't do it. I like Captain America, Batman and the gang a lot but waiting for the insane line to get into Hall H no thanks. When the new Star Wars movie comes out in 2015 I'll get to the theatre early but I am not setting up a tent.