Monday, October 21, 2013

F This Movie! - Carrie (2013)

They're all gonna laugh at Patrick and Adam Riske.
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  1. Patrick, the Hellraiser you couldn't remember is Hellraiser 4 which has the subtitle of Bloodlines.

    I saw that thing opening night, because my friend loved the series. As a result, he pretended to like it for about three hours and I had to slowly and gently talk him out of it.

    1. Nice. Thanks. In a weird way, I'm glad to hear that it's Part 4, because now I know I have seen the first four in the series. It would bother me if I had skipped around. I don't know how I am getting through life.

    2. I actually really like Bloodlines, mainly because its all about world building which is what I really dig when it comes to franchises past their sale by date.

    3. What I found out is that there are actually 5 more movies in the series. I told another friend that I was going to skip them and she said that was a good idea. She's seen all of them and is sorry for what she's done.

  2. I havent seen the new Carrie, I havent even seen the original Carrie (yeah, I know, Im an asshole), I havent even finished listening to all of the podcast yet, which makes me the perfect expert to chime in on the discussion.

    Adam, about your comment regarding Carrie's inconsistent reaction to her mother and how they aren't always representative of an abused child. Based on how you described the scenarios, it does sound like there is inconsistencies, but I would say the opposite to you about which is more accurate of a person in her situation. Someone with that level of chronic physical, emotional and psychological abuse, would present much more on the passive side of things around her mother, basically because their relationship is defined by fear and a messed up sense of what love and responsibility is. So to me the "Im not going in there with you" line seems more out of place due to assertiveness not sounding like a trait this character would have especially around her mother, while a sense of pity and "she doesnt know any better" mentality is far more accurate to what you would see in the real world.
    Also, presenting one way in public and another at home is spot on too.
    Just saying.
    Ill stop now.
    Great show guys

    1. Yeah, I'm by no means an expert about these things so I would go with your take. That being said, I think you're being more thoughtful about that topic than the new Carrie movie is.

    2. Yeah, it didnt sound as though that different view would change much about the movie. I just saw an opening to flex my "I actually kinda know something here sorta" muscle. Its a rare treat.

      But thats a shame, and sounds like a missed opportunity with this movie. I always love when a movie gets attachment relationships right, even when its in a broad Hollywood sense. Its the main reason I love Rise of the Planet of the Apes so much because Caesars relationship with Franco is done right, and for me that overrides all of its flaws.
      But Carrie. The OG is on Netflix, so Ill try to check it out.

    3. Do or do not, there is no try.

  3. Great show guys, I agree with almost everything you said. I didn't necessarily dislike the movie, but my attraction to it is pretty much because I enjoy watching those key actors in almost anything, regardless of if they're given something good to work with. Chloe is incredibly charismatic, and the sympathy angle really worked on me despite my misgivings about every single copycat scene from the original.

    What bothered me the most was that the movie seemed to think it was probing the "complexities" of the characters more than the original, but it just came off as incredibly bloated. Both scenes featuring Chris telling off Sue or Ms Dejardin seemed to drag on and just go around in circles, going through the motions to get us to Prom night. But that relationship was summed up so much better in the original simply by having Sue say "shut up" and continue doing jumping jacks. None of this boring drama queen bull crap.

    Also, De Palma's movie wasn't that unfaithful to the novel at all, so how is that a selling point for this movie? You're right that it doesn't change that much from the original, and while I did slightly enjoy Sue's final plea with Carrie before the house comes crashing down, when that scene is over it has almost no resonance whatsoever, certainly not as much as Sue awaking from her nightmare. F that last shot! Since it prides itself on being a literary companion, and since even people who haven't seen the movies know how Prom night goes, the movie might have benefited from the court deposition and police procedural structure of the book. Maybe.

    Lastly, my friends and I also thought Tommy was good. I leaned over once to ask if anyone else thought he was the son of a popular actor, and my buddy suggested he might actually be a younger clone version of said actor. We've since taken to calling him Boba Ruffalo.

    1. That Ruffalo comparison is fantastic. Boba Ruffalo is the best.

    2. I hope that dude lands all the gigs. He's way above the E-Quaid-Er.

  4. Here's my review of this movie if your'e interested. I do also find it difficult not to compare it to the original film cuz it seems so immensely derivative from it to begin with... I love your podcast. Just found it today actually and have been listening straight for the last 6 hours here at work. Great bests and worsts of 2013 episodes. If you want to read this review on my tumblr blog or any other reviews I have there. Here's the link. Thanks so much for providing this podcast! [Carrie review: --- My tumblr home page for all my reviews:]

  5. Adam hit the nail on the head. Who wouldn't want to have kids with Laura Dern