Thursday, May 29, 2014

Your Junesploitation Primer

Get ready for your second favorite month!

We're just days away from launching our second-annual Junesploitation, a month-long celebration of exploitation and genre movies. If you were with us last year, you're undoubtedly excited about doing it again. If you're new to Junesploitation. WELCOME! We promise you're going to love it.

So let's talk about getting ready for the next 30 days. If you're unfamiliar with exploitation movies, they're basically any movie built around an exploitable element -- a "hook" that can easily be sold to audiences who want to see that sort of thing. Extreme violence and sex are common elements of exploitation movies, but they aren't necessary; pretty much every category we'll be covering in the month of June can be considered the exploitable element (cars, ninjas, slashers, apes). While the exploitation genre as we now know it became most prevalent in the 1960s and '70s thanks to drive-ins and 24-hour movie theaters, exploitation has been around as long as movies have.

So how do you choose what you're going to watch? A great place to start is with last year's event -- you can check out everyone's choices and capsule reviews here (I've gone back and read them to get some ideas for stuff I want to watch this year). Lots of great stuff.

You can also check out The Deuce, an unbelievable database of grindhouse and exploitation movies.

Some of this year's categories are self-explanatory; others are a bit tricker, so below we've included links to lists of titles within that genre. In the case of Troma Day, it's a link to the studio's YouTube page, where a whole bunch of their movies are available to watch for FREE.

If you're looking for an easy way to watch these movies without having to track them all down, you might consider signing up for one month of Full Moon Streaming. Not only will it cover you for June 20th, but the service also has a separate "Grindhouse" channel full of stuff from Bill Lustig's Blue Underground label -- movies like Don't Torture a Duckling (Italian Horror!), The Heroin Busters (Cops!), Contamination (Sci-Fi!), The Hellcats (Bikers!), The Velvet Vampire (Duh!) and many, many more. It's $6.99 for one month and you could conceivably knock out every day except for Troma, but those are free on YouTube.

Click on the links in each of the categories below. On those hard-to-choose days, at least you'll have an idea of stuff to pick from. Just keep in mind that you can really watch ANYTHING that you think fits into the category, whether it appears on any of these lists or not. That's the fun of Junesploitation!

I'm so happy we're doing this again.

June 1 - Cops!
June 2 - Slashers!
June 3 - Troma!
June 4 - Ninjas!
June 5 - Serial Killers!
June 6 - Canucksploitation!
June 7 - Bikers!
June 8 - New Horror!
June 9 - Free Space
June 10 - Cannon!
June 11 - Blaxploitation!
June 12 - Sci-Fi!
June 13 - Friday the 13th!
June 14 - Cars!
June 15 - Apesploitation!
June 16 - Zombies!
June 17 - Free Space!
June 18 - Nunsploitation!
June 19 - '80s Horror!
June 20 - Full Moon! (Check here and here)
June 21 - Drugs!
June 22 - Sexploitation!
June 23 - Vampires!
June 24 - Martial Arts!
June 25 - Hixploitation!
June 26 - '80s Action!
June 27 - Italian Horror!
June 28 - Mockbusters!
June 29 - Free Space
June 30 - Revenge!


  1. So Amped! Had to bail early last year but I'm gonna do my best to rock this out!

  2. Fired Up! Got a number of picks lined up ready to go!

    All Im wanting this year is dirty, raw, over the top, nuts in your face, filthy flix.
    If I dont end up having at least two showers a day then I have failed.


    1. Hanzo the Razor 2 for Cops (maybe 3 as well)... He trains by beating his dick so he can interrogate women by having sex with them. FUN!

      Candy Tangerine Man for Blax. It's the sublime John Daniels, what's not to love.

      Duel to the Death for ninjas because when Heath Holland says jump you say yeah sure whatever maybe in like a year or so

      Mighty Peking Man for Apes.

  3. Wow, it really is nearly upon us. I need to start preparing my list.

  4. Didn't participate last year, accidentally watched Benny & Joon 30 times #Joonsploitation. Won't make that mistake this year. List: Ready. Let's Do This.

  5. Somehow I missed Canucksploitation the first time I saw the list - awesome! If you're familiar with Degrassi High I'd suggest the TV Movie "School's Out", legitimately available here:

    It's Canadawesome!

    Busy month ahead but looking forward to participating as much as possible!