Wednesday, January 14, 2015

F This Movie! - L.A. Confidential

Patrick and JB are off the record, on the QT and very hush hush.

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Also discussed this episode: The Interview (2014), The Homesman (2014), Selma (2014), What We Do in the Shadows (2015)

L.A. Confidential has been requested a number of times, most recently by listener Colin R. Thanks, Colin!


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  2. Cheers guys. Very entertaining as ever. I also thought The Interview was much better than expected. I enjoyed it a lot though not as much as JBs tweets this week regarding his internet service provider issues. ;)

  3. This site keeps torturing me by talking about how good The Homesman is. After searching the internet, I'm not even sure that movie is showing anywhere. I guess I'll have to go watch Lonesome Dove just to satiate my anticipation for it.

  4. You forgot to mention the best TV adaptation of a movie- The Odd Couple. And when we all see how terrible the new MAtthew Perry version is going to be we will all appreciate he original yet again

  5. What's that you say? THE QUIBBLER... I always thought Kim Basinger was recognized because of her body of work, just not in a good way. Seeing this performance in a pre 8 Mile era, it was a fair while into the screening before I realized that was her. Whether she deserved to win the award was debatable, but the performance certainly changed perceptions about her ability.

    The circumstances surrounding The Interview were unfortunate, but I think Sony and the theater chains did the right thing by initially withholding the release. It's one thing for political leaders to take a stand, it's another thing for companies to put customers and employees at risk. Sometimes prudence has its virtue.

  6. Fantastic work on one of my favorite movies. Kevin Spacey does a phenomenal job, and I love the moments that you both call attention to. I also like the scene right before the one that Patrick mentions, where he's sitting at the bar staring at the $50 bill. No dialogue, and minimal "work" but he totally sells every emotion he's feeling there. The shot when he looks at himself in the mirror especially (with the wonderfully ironic "Smile, Smile, Smile" playing in the background). And for a completely opposite, but equally great bit of acting, his facial contortions after the Lana Turner scene are perfect.

    The music is fantastic, and the minute I knew it was Goldsmith was when it started to sound a LOT like Chinatown. I didn't catch the Planet of the Apes moment, but I'll have to go look for it...

  7. JB singing the Planet of the Apes music cue is the new Haverick.

  8. Agreed with Matt, amazing. I want to say Patrick I thought I was the only one who thinks In Her Shoes is actually a really good movie. Very happy to hear that as I love it. I think it handles a certain subject matter that many movies get so wrong, but they do it with nuance and sensitivity. There are many beautiful scences including a reading of an older man sharing his love of poetry with a young woman by reading one my favourite poets, Elizabeth Bishop, together. Not many movies show we love poetry, sigh. I need to go rewatch LA again as I haven't seen it in a long time and now I really want to revisit it.

    1. I just want go on record as saying I also love Elizabeth Bishop. That alone makes me want to see In Her Shoes! (Though Patrick's favorable opinion of it is enough too.)

      Also please don't keep encouraging JB to sing the Planet of the Apes music. He's taken to singing it around the house and it's rather disconcerting.

  9. Speaking to Bud White's fate in the books, as I remember he's mentioned or shows up briefly in American Tabloid (which is not in the LA Quartet but set in the same universe) and he's portrayed as physically crippled and horribly bitter (American Tabloid starts 8 years later).

  10. I saw What We Do in the Shadows last night. I liked it. The "Stu" stuff was great. Nice work on the movie, Patrick. Because you mentioned it in the run-ups, you are now responsible for it.