Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where the F is Doug? #10

by Doug Schultz
New horror? How 'bout some OLD horror?

Junesploitation features categories for new horror, Italian horror and '80s horror, but no '70s horror (which is totally fine, because, really, the month is only so long). That's where I come in. Can you ID this house featured in a horror movie from the 1970s?


As always, please post your guesses in the comments below. If you can find a matching movie still or video that features this location, great! Share that as well. If you're stuck, I'll post clues throughout the day.

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Good luck!


  1. Jesus, such an innocuous house too. When A Stranger Calls?

  2. My first impulse was to say Halloween, but it would have to be Laurie Strode's house (it's definitely not the Myers place or either of the 2 homes where most of the action takes place). When I get a chance I'll check it.

    1. It took me a second because the house has been repainted, but it turns out I was right! This is the house of Laurie Strode. The 2 garage doors must have sparked off a memory in me (plus knowledge that Halloween was filmed not in Illinois, but in California).

    2. Son of a beeswax, I was thinking of the babysitting houses and the Meyers place and didn't even think of the Strode house. Well done!

  3. That's the Strode house.

  4. Steve K. and Kathy got it -- it's the Strode residence from the original HALLOWEEN (not quite as iconic or memorable as the Myers' home), located on Oxley Street in South Pasadena, CA. Here's a still from the movie.