Friday, May 13, 2016

Netflix This Movie! Vol. 177

by Patrick Bromley
If recommending four of her films in the same week doesn't get the attention of My Girlfriend Zoë Bell, I don't know what will.
Camino (2016, dir. Josh Waller) I did not love this movie when I reviewed it a few months back, but the scenery is nice and Nacho Vigalondo is very entertaining as the villain. Plus My Girlfriend Zoë Bell gives a good performance as a photographer who runs afoul of some dangerous militia types. I wish director Josh Waller was less interested in showing MGZB getting beat up, but I did find this one to be an improvement over his last collaboration with MGZB...which I'll be recommending a little further down the list because MGZB only has four movies available on Netflix.

Paradox (2016, dir. Michael Hurst) I haven't even watched this one yet, but it's about time travel and I like time travel movies. Also, it stars My Girlfriend Zoë Bell. These are two of my very favorite things. There's no way this can go wrong.
Mercenaries (2014, dir. Christopher Olen Ray) This is probably the only movie on the list this week that I would recommend outside of an all-My Girlfriend Zoë Bell theme. It's a female Expendables rip-off produced by The Asylum but one that's a surprising amount of fun; get past some of the cheapness and there's an entertaining villain turn from Brigitte Nielsen, a handful of well-staged action sequences and, of course, My Girlfriend Zoë Bell as the leader of a badass team of convicts-turned-mercenaries. If you're only going to watch one MGZB movie this weekend, watch Death Proof. If you still have time watch this one.

Raze (2014, dir. Josh Waller) MGZB is forced to punch and kill to save the life of her daughter as part of some twisted underground fight club in Raze, her first collaboration with director Josh Waller. MGZB gets to show off some dramatic chops and lots of impressive hand to hand fight choreography, but the movie is repetitive and unpleasant in a way I'm not positive is always deliberate. At least there are brief appearances from both Tracie Thoms and Rosario Dawson, making this a Death Proof reunion.


  1. "At least there are brief appearances from both Tracie Thoms and Rosario Dawson"

    Uh um...and my girlfriend, Sherilyn Fenn. We've been together since Just One of the Guys.

    1. As I said, together since Just One of the Guys, The Wraith was after so I was with her then.

    2. Michael GiammarinoMay 14, 2016 at 5:55 AM

      When the hell are we gonna see a Blu-ray of Just One of the Guys? Kino or Olive need to get on that.

    3. Yeah man, I thought it was gonna happen last year as it was the 30th anniversary. Sony being dicks I guess?

  2. Btw, in case anyone was curious in looking through Amazon Prime's new releases - they have a new Horror film called "The Devil's Woods". Even though it's free, I cannot recommend it, unfortunately.

  3. I think you crush on Zoe! I hope Erika doesn't have time to read all your posts. :)