Friday, September 30, 2016

I Stream, You Stream Vol. 3

by Patrick Bromley
Less than 24 hours until #ScaryMovieMonth!

Cujo (1983, dir. Lewis Teague) I'm rewatching Cat's Eye as I write this column and it's a reminder that between that movie, Alligator and Cujo, Lewis Teague had a pretty good run of horror in the early '80s. This wasn't one of the Stephen King movies I grew up on; in fact, I only first saw it within the last seven or eight years. But I was struck but just how powerful and emotional it is, with Dee Wallace giving an award-caliber performance (whatever that means) and some really impressive dog acting. Like Adam Riske said in his column this week, many of us horror fans have a real soft spot for Stephen King adaptations even when they're not great. Cujo isn't quite great, but it is very good. (Watch on Netflix)
Torso (1973, dir. Sergio Martino) For those looking for something a little more adventurous this October, allow me to recommend this nutty giallo from Sergio Martino. It's violent, it's incredibly sleazy, but the last third of the movie is so show-stoppingly great that I think it's worth a watch even by those of you who aren't into Italian horror. There's a lot of Brian De Palma in this one. (Watch on Shudder)
Southbound (dir. David Bruckner, et. al.) I was a fan of this horror anthology when I reviewed it earlier this year, mostly for the way it differs from the majority of anthologies. The stories are connected in a way that most anthology segments usually aren't and there's very little comedy, something anthologies often lean on to mix up the tones. Southbound plays everything more or less straight. As with most anthologies, there are highs and lows, but David Bruckner's segment about an emergency amateur surgery makes the movie worth watching alone. (Watch on Amazon Prime)
Wishmaster (1997, dir. Robert Kurtzman) You all love Adam Riske. I love Adam Riske. Adam Riske loves Wishmaster. You should watch Wishmaster. Grant Adam Riske's wish. The opening sequence is Djinncredible. The gore effects are ingenie-ous. I can't do puns as well as the Riskmaster, but you get the idea. (Watch on Hulu)


  1. Torso is crazy good. The beginning is great. 20 seconds in, first pair of breasts. 25 seconds first vaginal hairs...oh wait, it just the hair of a strange recurring doll. Yeah, I love this movie.

    I really should sign up for shudder this month. Usually I like to own the movies (whether in physical form or on the Amazon cloud) but $5 is a steal.

  2. The description for Wishmaster is Djinjinuative, I like everyone here, Torso is really great especially

  3. FYI Wishmaster is also streaming "free" with Amazon Prime.

  4. I've always avoided Cujo as someone who isn't a big fan of even fake animal cruelty, is Cujo good enough to watch anyway? I have read the book so I won't be surprised, and it's also I think the only King adaptation I haven't seen.

    Also if you're a fan of fake animal cruelty SHAME ON YOU!