Friday, October 14, 2016

I Stream, You Stream Vol. 5

by Patrick Bromley
More #ScaryMovieMonth recommendations for you from a variety of streaming sources! Is anyone even watching these?

Baskin (2015, dir. Can Evrenol) Listen. Baskin has a lot of problems. After a promising, confidently shot and stylish first half, the second half (when the shit really hits the fan and things get pretty gnarly) doesn't do as much to deliver on the movie's promise as I had hoped. It's the kind of horror film I'm recommending because there are moments of greatness and beauty even when it doesn't all add up. Plus, it's a Turkish horror movie and we don't get a whole lot of those. (Watch on Netflix)
Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993, dir. Ted Nicolau) Listen. I know that Full Moon movies aren't for everyone. They require certain tastes. I don't expect the casual movie fan to be able to drop in this, my favorite of Full Moon's Subspecies series, and immediately decide it's a really good vampire movie. If you're willing to give a chance, though, you'll find really stylish direction, some cool ideas and one of the great movie vampires in Radu. You don't even need to have seen the first one to appreciate the sequel past the spectacular (and very gory) opening scene. Just know that the scene is about correcting past mistakes. (Watch on Hulu)
Blood Rage (1987, dir. Bruce Rubin) Listen. Your life has been missing Blood Rage until now. If you are at all a fan of '80s slasher movies -- particularly the crazy ones we champion around here like Pieces and Sleepaway Camp -- I can promise you with near certainty that you will not be disappointed by Blood Rage. Watch it. Live it. And remember: it's not cranberry sauce. (Watch on Shudder)
The Prowler (1981, dir. Joseph Zito) This underrated slasher from the start of the Golden Age focuses on a group of college kids organizing a dance only to be interrupted by a murderer in a WWII army uniform. Director Joseph Zito, who would go on to make the best of the Friday the 13th movies (The Final Chapter), knows his way around this kind of material and Tom Savini contributes some impressive and grisly carnage, including one of the greatest head explosions ever put to film. (Watch on Amazon Instant Video)
The Blob (1988, dir. Chuck Russell) Blob. #blob (Watch on Crackle)


  1. This column really picked up steam in the second half:-) Blood Rage, The Prowler and The Blob just made my list.

  2. I have been ridiculed for my once-secret love of Chuck's The Blob ("blub"), but now I can rest well. Her name is Shawnee. Shawnee is special.

  3. Each consecutive "Listen" made me laugh harder than the last.

  4. Oh and Blood Rage tonight. Been sleeping too long.

    1. Maybe not...yet again, another Shudder release that isn't showing up with a Shudder Amazon subscription...fuckers.

  5. "Is anyone even watching these"? Definitely, I'm loving the I stream you stream posts. Thanks Patrick for the great recommendations.
    Movie watching time is nearly nil for me, but many are being added to the must-watch list.