Friday, May 19, 2017

I Stream, You Stream Vol. 32

by Patrick Bromley
Outside the world burns, but look at this lineup of stuff you should watch!

The Blackcoat's Daughter (2017, dir. Oz Perkins) Funny, I was just talking about how this movie is one of my favorites of the year on the podcast this week. Then I get a message from Doug alerting me that it's been added to Amazon Prime video! I know some of you (like me) saw this last year when it was still called February, but since it's technically a 2017 release it's eligible for this year's list. Don't even read anything about it. Just make sure you have a quiet place to watch it, free of distractions, and let it work its spell. This is an exciting debut and will actually get some of you to reconsider Emma Roberts as an actor, which will make Heather Wixson very happy. (Watch on Amazon Prime Video)
Christine (2016, dir. Antonio Campos) This is a tough watch. Really tough. Based on the true story of reporter Christine Chubbuck, the movie is like watching an emotional car crash in slow motion. It's about someone in great pain who cannot be helped, even though she's clearly trying her best. It hit so close to home that I almost couldn't get through the movie. At the same time, Rebecca Hall gives the absolute best performance of 2016, no matter what any stupid awards show says; she was not even nominated for an Oscar, which reminds me of a story I have about the Oscars. (Watch on Netflix)
The Hunt (2013, dir. Thomas Vinterberg) Another heavy-ass drama, this time from Denmark and starring Mads Mikkelsen as a good and decent kindergarten teacher accused sexually abusing a student. The whole thing is a nightmare, made more so by the fact that it resists the urge to amplify the drama or demonize any one party even when we know their actions are wrong. Mikkelsen deservedly won a Best Actor award at Cannes and the movie was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Oscar, but remember that story I told about the Oscars earlier. Don't watch it for the accolades. Watch it because it's really fucking good. (Watch on Hulu)
Don't Kill It (2017, dir. Mike Mendez) Here's a small but really fun horror comedy from earlier this year starring Dolph Lundgren as a vaping demon hunter chasing down a spirit that transfers from body to body every time you kill the human it inhabits, making it almost impossible to stop. As if that premise isn't inspired enough, director Mike Mendez gets to really cut loose and brings a real Evil Dead energy to the film -- especially the gore gags. This was just released a few months ago but you can already watch it for free (and should!) on Crackle. (Watch on Crackle)
Oblivion (1994, dir. Sam Irvin) One of my very favorite Full Moon movies and a film that does cowboys and aliens so much better than Cowboys and Aliens. It's got a fantastic cast, including Andrew "Hellabrew" Divoff as a lizard man and Meg Foster as a cyborg and Musetta Vander as whatever crazy hot thing she is, plus smart writing and a really fun sense of humor. This will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first Full Moon Fever. You can watch it for free on Shout Factory TV in its regular form or in a weird, deliberately shitty-looking VHS version. (Watch on Shout Factory TV)


  1. Is there a Full Moon day this June because I need to watch Oblivion?

    Emma Roberts is also good in Nerve and Palo Alto. Heather was right all along.

  2. being a new registered member of amazon prime, i will watch blackcoat's daughter this weekend

  3. Replies
    1. ah crap, that's this weekend. i forgot

      but i'm afraid though. on the one hand, more lynch and more twin peaks.

      on the other hand, another f****ng reboot

    That is all

  5. I just checked out Don't Kill It. It is a ton of fun! The Dolph has still got it.

    1. That movie was great. The only time it dragged was when they were explaining the mythology behind the demon/girl, which thankfully is very brief.

  6. I second your opinion on Rebecca Hall in Christine. The whole concept of performance award competition is pretty much bullshit, but if they insist on going through it all, they could at least get it right. Her performance and the sad details of the true story hit you like a freight train. Very tough watch and emotionally draining but worth it (rewarding seems like an inappropriate word given the subject matter)