Friday, May 25, 2018

Announcing #Junesploitation 2018!

by Patrick Bromley
You have nothing to lose but your mind!

Our annual Junesploitation is just one week away! It's our month-long celebration of exploitation and genre films, with each day devoted to a new category or sub-genre of films. Alongside F This Movie Fest and #ScaryMovieMonth, it's one of the flagship events we do at the site during the year and it's two tons of fun.
For those of you new to Junesploitation, here's how it works: each day of the month has its own theme, and you're supposed to watch a movie that ties into that theme. How you interpret the connection is entirely up to you, which means if you have no interest in exploitation or genre movies that's ok and you can still join in! If you're not into Carsploitation movies, you can watch National Lampoon's Vacation or Cars 3 or Herbie: Fully Loaded on June 11! Not a fan of Canuxsploitation movies? Feel free to check out Goon or Strange Brew on June 27. This month is supposed to be fun -- an excuse to watch movies every day and talk about them with one another. There are no "right" movies to watch. It's participating that gets you in the spirit, not watching a bunch of cheap, violent sleaze.

If you do like those kinds of movies, though, or if you're willing to give them a shot, it's easier than ever before to participate in Junesploitation thanks to streaming services. Netflix isn't a ton of help, but Amazon Prime Video has a pretty deep library of titles and there are a number of streaming platforms devoted to just these kinds of movies: Shudder, Full Moon Streaming, Exploitation.TV (too porn-y for my tastes) and Brown Sugar are some of the big ones. And while I rarely advocate watching movies on YouTube, there's a lot of cool and obscure stuff to be found there if you're willing to look. Stay tuned for our annual Junesploitation Primer and upcoming installments of I Stream, You Stream for help on where to find some good titles.
Here's the schedule for the month. Once again, we've tried to add a few new categories in addition to retaining many old favorites. While it can be challenging to come up with new categories, we do try to change it up a little every year, for what it's worth.

Friday, June 1 - Revenge!
Saturday, June 2 - Zombies!
Sunday, June 3 - Scream Factory!
Monday, June 4 - '80s Comedy!
Tuesday, June 5 - Blaxploitation!
Wednesday, June 6 - John Saxon!
Thursday, June 7 - Free Space!
Friday, June 8 - '80s Action!
Saturday, June 9 - Italian Horror!
Sunday, June 10 - Westerns!
Monday, June 11 - Cars!
Tuesday, June 12 - Beach!
Wednesday, June 13 - Empire Pictures!
Thursday, June 14 - Monsters!
Friday, June 15 - Free Space!
Saturday, June 16 - Kung fu!
Sunday, June 17 -Fulci! (Lucio Fulci Birthday Tribute)
Monday, June 18 - High School!
Tuesday, June 19 - Demons and Ghosts!
Wednesday, June 20 - Sci-Fi!
Thursday, June 21 - Free space!
Friday, June 22 - Slashers!
Saturday, June 23 - Cops!
Sunday, June 24 - Heavy Metal!
Monday, June 25 - Roger Corman!
Tuesday, June 26 - Lethal Ladies!
Wednesday, June 27 - Canuxploitation!
Thursday, June 28 - Free Space!
Friday, June 29 - Mosploitation! (Mustache-sploitation [Pure Cinema Tribute])
Saturday, June 30 - '80s Horror!

Get ready!


  1. i have to make a list with my 200 cult movies set from Mill Creek

  2. Tried to save Revenge! (2017) for this but couldn’t wait. Was worth the (not) waiting,

  3. I'm super looking forward again this year. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up. I usually lose pace over the last 1/3rd.

    I don't have many movies lined up, so I might have to fall back on re-watches and whatever's streaming, but that shouldn't lessen the fun at all.

    1. Almost forgot. This will be the year I watch Gator Bait!

  4. The new catagories are amazing. Really excited for Demons and Ghosts!

  5. This is going be a good month. I can feel it. Guess who is kicking things off with Rolling Thunder!!!

    1. Oh and the new categories arw going to be so much fun.

    2. I’ll just get my gear.

  6. I'm at the used dvd store. They have something called The Zombie Pack, featuring Zombi 3, Zombie 4 and Zombie 5

    It's temping, but it's 45$

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    2. Exactly my thought

      I bought a blu-ray set of Scream 1-2-3 for 12$ instead

      They had Scream 4, but i'm listening to the podcast on it, and i just saved 8$

    3. Scream 4 is on Canadian Netflix, btw. It's probably better than 3 and possibly 2 as well, and has one of the best sequences in the whole franchise.

    4. I'm curious now, Paul, because i read that 2 is really great and 4 is really bad

    5. Man you have to watch Scream 4. Especially is you have the first 3! Was it as good as the 90's version, perhaps not, but still a fun enough watch. In all reality if you're down to watch the first 3 then 4 would be a decent investment of your time. Hope you give it a shot and decide for yourself.

  7. Oh man I'm so pumped for this. I had list ready to go so now it'll just be figuring out which day they fit best. Can anyone help fill in Canuxsploitation, John Saxon (I've watched Enter the Dragon) and I'm assuming I'll understand Muatache-sploitation at the end of the Pure Cinema episode on exploitation movies?

    1. I'm not sure about Heavy Metal either. Is it animated stuff like the movie Heavy Metal? Or movies with metal in it, like Black Roses or Deathgasm?

    2. First thing I thought was the animated movie too!

    3. Why, for John Saxon day, how about The Bees? It’s even on sale this weekend during Vinegar Syndrome’s Halfway to Black Friday sale!

    4. Sounds utterly ridiculous, let's do it. Thanks JB.

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    6. Tenembre! Trying to get into Italian horror and just watched it for the first time not too long ago, and man, I needed to watch it sooner! On a side note, I did the same with Deep Red and the death by car scene was maybe the most amazing thing I've ever seen! Understand this conflicts with Italian Horror day but who cares, there is no wrong day for this type of goodness.

    7. Heavy Metal: If you've never seen Deathgasm, it's funny, gory, and awesome soundtrack. Also Devil's Candy, Maximum Overdrive (AC/DC Soundtrack/Score), Demon Knight and Judgment Night all have pretty awesome metal soundtracks too.

  8. This might be my favorite month of the year. I love SMM, but I usually fall off the wagon without the structure of junesploitation. I did all new to me movies last year, and I’m continuing the tradition, with a few old favorites as bonus movies on certain days. Can’t wait to see what everyone’s watching!

  9. Can’t wait. If you want some free stuff to browse check out Tubi TV. Has a Roku and Apple TV app. While the selection isn’t huge it does have some exploitation staples: Death Race, Samurai Cop, a bunch of Jackie Chan, etc. Has ads but oh well.

  10. Really not a heavy metal fan music-wise. What's a film I could watch for that day?

    1. Trick or treat (1986), Heavy Metal Massacre (1989), Rock N' Roll Nightmare (1987)

    2. There is also Slumber Party Massacre 2 or for a more contemporary pick The Devils Candy. Also, I may be totally wrong but I swear Phenomenon and Death Spa had some heavy metal jams going on. Please all movie pros chime in with some more heavy metal goodness.

    3. Deathgasm is a good newer pick. And surely Green Room qualifies, even though it's not really heavy metal?

      Or for something a little different, go for The Story of Anvil or I Am Thor.

    4. Black Roses (1988)

      Check out the cover. It's dope.

  11. Awesome - torn between hitting the weird free movie channels on Roku for some really obscure garbage and filling in some more classic exploitation holes - prolly do a bit of both - I’ve been saving Welcome Home, Brother Charles for this month so pumped for that!

  12. I think I've got all my picks just about locked in and I'm feeling pretty good about them.

  13. Yayyy. John Saxon day should give me a good excuse to finally watch Nightmare Beach. Although, maybe not.

  14. Can't wait to read about what everyone's watching and what movies gain momentum throughout the month. Another fun part of Junesploitation is having so many movies fit so many categories, so even if you miss a day, you can easily switch up your order or double down on some days.

  15. Now begins the arduous process of organizing my Pure Cinema Challenge list by Junesploitation categories.

    1. One note: My free spaces will all be Roy Scheider films I've never seen, including Cohen and Tate, Blue Thunder, and The Seven Ups. #ScheiderSploitation

    2. Blue Thunder is kinda awesome actually. Did you ever get to All That Jazz? Sooogoood.

    3. Not yet. That movie will be homework for me, but I'll get there eventually!

    4. Actually getting to it felt a bit like homework to me too, but as a Scheider fan, it was a joy to watch - he's always great but he's stellar in that.

  16. Here to suggest Hard Rock Zombies (1985) for Heavy Metal day.

  17. Looking forward to it as always!

    This is happening:

    Revenge! The Assignment
    Zombies! The Fog
    Scream Factory! Session 9
    '80s Comedy! The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (it counts?)
    Blaxploitation! Devil's Express
    John Saxon! Black Christmas
    Free Space! Space Truckers
    '80s Action! The Soldier
    Italian Horror! Inferno
    Westerns! Wild at Heart
    Cars! Gone in 60 Seconds
    Beach! Annihilation
    Empire Pictures! Crawlspace
    Monsters! The Monster Club
    Free Space! Hired to Kill
    Kung Fu! Yakuza Apocalypse
    Fulci! Manhattan Baby
    High School! Malibu High
    Demons and Ghosts! Veronica
    Sci Fi! Event Horizon
    Free Space! Nowhere to Run
    Slashers! Serial Mom
    Cops! Macon County Line
    Heavy Metal! Cherry 2000
    Roger Corman! Tales of Terror/Piranha
    Lethal Ladies! Atomic Blonde
    Canuxploitation! The Gate
    Free Space! Sisters
    Mosploitation! Gator
    '80s Horror! Santa Sangre

    1. I hope you're talking about the original Gone In 60 Seconds ;)

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  19. Here's what I've got right now. They're all first-time viewings, and they're mostly a combination of my Pure Cinema season 1 to-watch list and some movie shames I've been meaning to fix.

    Revenge! - Revenge (2018)
    Zombies! - Night of the Creeps (1986)
    Scream Factory! - I, Madman (1989)
    '80s Comedy! - 9 to 5 (1980)
    Blaxploitation! - Abby (1974)
    John Saxon! - Tenebre (1982)
    Free Space! - Blue Thunder (1983) #ScheiderSploitation
    '80s Action! - Cyborg (1989)
    Italian Horror! - Blood and Black Lace (1964)
    Westerns! - Rio Bravo (1959)
    Cars! - The Car (1977)
    Beach! - North Shore (1987)
    Empire Pictures! - Rawhead Rex (1986)
    Monsters! - The Brood (1979)
    Free Space! - Cohen and Tate (1988) #ScheiderSploitation
    Kung fu! - Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? (1998)
    Fulci! - The Black Cat (1981)
    High School! - Rock and Roll High School (1979)
    Demons and Ghosts! - 13 Ghosts (1960)
    Sci-Fi! - Outland (1981)
    Free space! - Klute (1971) #ScheiderSploitation
    Slashers! - Serial Mom (1994)
    Cops! - Narc (2002)
    Heavy Metal! - The Gate (1987)
    Roger Corman! - Galaxy of Terror (1981)
    Lethal Ladies! - American Mary (2012)
    Canuxploitation! - Cannibal Girls (1973)
    Free Space! - The Seven-Ups (1973) #Scheidersploitation
    Mosploitation! - Breaking In (1989)
    '80s Horror! - House (1986)

  20. Revenge! Revnge and Ms. 45
    Zombies! The Battery, Night of the Comet and Night of the Creeps
    Scream Factory! Assault on Prescient 13
    '80s Comedy! Stripes, Naked Gun and Coming to America
    Blaxploitation! Sweet Sweetback, Superfly, Shaft, The Mack and Dolemite (many of these will fill in Free Spaces)
    John Saxon! Tenebrae and the Bees
    Free Space!
    '80s Action! Cyborg, Running Man, Rambo 2, Lethal Weapon 2
    Italian Horror! Deep Red and Bird and the Crystal Plumage
    Westerns! El Topo
    Cars! Rolling Thunder (is this a car movie and if not where does it fit?), Death Race, Two-Lane Blacktop and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
    Beach! Weekend at Bernies and Miami Vice (could use some suggestions)
    Empire Pictures! (I have no idea here, suggestions needed)
    Monsters! King Kong and Gojira
    Free Space!
    Kung fu! Duel to the Death, Crippled Avegers, One Armed Boxer, Master of the Flying Guillotine, The Street Fighter (fill ins for Free Space)
    Fulci! The Beyond
    High School! Fast Times at Ridgemont High and My Entire Highschool Sinking Into the Sea
    Demons and Ghosts! (basically another Free Space for me)
    Sci-Fi! Starman and Zardoz
    Free space!
    Slashers! The Prowler
    Cops! Cobra, Mad Detective and Demolition Man
    Heavy Metal! Heavy Metal
    Roger Corman! Cockfighter and House of Usher
    Lethal Ladies! Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (does this fit?), I Kill Giants and Suckerpunch (would take suggestions)
    Canuxploitation! Skip Tracer, Deathdream and The Pit
    Free Space!
    Mosploitation! The Deathwish Trilogy
    '80s Horror! Serpent and the Rainbow

    1. Probably the most famous Empire film is Re-Animator, but Trancers and Ghoulies were also popular releases from the company.

      A podcast called Radiodrome, episodes 334 and 335, did an overview of Empire Pictures' output.

    2. Rolling Thunder would probably fit best as a revenge film.

    3. I'll check out that podcast. I've already seen ReAnimator, but may just rewatch it.

  21. I'm trying not to plan too far ahead so I just set aside movies for the first 4 days so far.

    Day 1 (Revenge) - Wake of Death
    Day 2 (Zombies) - Day of the Dead (the one "Dead" movie I've yet to see) and rewatch the OG Resident Evil
    Day 3 (Scream Factory) - Lake Placid and Escape from New York
    Day 4 - (80s Comedies) - Will finally see Airplane thanks to the constant boasting of it on 80s All Over and rewatching The Secret of My Success since I'm jonesing for some Michael J Fox.

  22. There's no grand plan for me, for most days I have several movies to choose from and I'll just watch what I feel like that day. But I do have a few movies I've already locked down, like Truck Turner for Blaxploitation.

    Is Mohawk (2017) a Western?

  23. Junesploitation seems like a good opportunity to catch up with the DVDs and Blu-rays that I have accumulated over the last couple of years. There are also a few films on my DVR that are suitable. Certain days are already programmed but there is still a lot leeway for the month.

    Mustache exploitation, that one has me thinking.

  24. My body, mind, heart and soul are ready.

  25. This is what I'm working with so far:

    Revenge! - Ms. 45 (Shudder)
    Zombies! - Raw Force (Shudder)
    Scream Factory! - Prince of Darkness (Blu-ray)
    '80s Comedy! - Used Cars (Amazon rental)
    Blaxploitation! - Tattoo Connection (Prime)
    John Saxon! - The Glove (DVD)
    Free Space! - Dead End Drive-In (Blu-ray)
    '80s Action! - Deadly Prey (Prime)
    Italian Horror! - The Cat O’ Nine Tails (Prime)
    Westerns! - God’s Gun (Prime)
    Cars! - Race with the Devil (Prime Starz)
    Beach! - Spring Break (Blu-ray)
    Empire Pictures! - Terrorvision (Prime)
    Monsters! - The Blob (1988) (Amazon Rental)
    Free Space! - Massage Parlor Murders (Blu-ray)
    Kung fu! - Legendary Weapons of China (Prime)
    Fulci! - New York Ripper (Shudder)
    High School! - Summer School Teachers (Prime)
    Demons and Ghosts! - Demons (Shudder)
    Sci-Fi! - Liquid Sky (Blu-ray)
    Free space! - Assault in Paradise (Blu-ray)
    Slashers! - Tourist Trap (Shudder)
    Cops! - Policewomen (Prime)
    Heavy Metal! - Rocktober Blood (DVD)
    Roger Corman! - A Bucket of Blood (Prime)
    Lethal Ladies! - Gator Bait (DVD)
    Canuxploitation! - Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (Prime)
    Free Space! - Count Dracula’s Great Love (Blu-ray)
    Mosploitation! - The Shadow Riders (Amazon rental)
    '80s Horror! - Just Before Dawn (Blu-ray)

    I knew I wanted a Sam Elliot movie for Mosploitaion. Tom Selleck sealed the deal.

    1. Raw Force! Raw Force should be on everyone's Junesploitation list. Also, it fits into almost every category.

  26. For those looking for recommendation on the Beach day, i strongly recomment Psycho Beach Party. It's available on blu-ray, but i don't know about streaming

    I'm not planning anything, i'll decide on the day what i watch. The only one i know for sure, is the Kung Fu day, during which i'll go through my Bruce Lee box set from Shout Factory

  27. Still trying to figure out my complete list, but I think I have the first 5 days locked.

    Revenge - Rolling Thunder
    Zombies - Nightmare City and maybe Return of the Living Dead
    Scream Factory - Lord of Illusions and maybe Q: the winged serpent
    80s Comedy - Trading Places and maybe Used Cars
    Blaxploitation - Superfly and maybe Hit
    John Saxon - Battle Beyound the Stars

    1. I just ordered the Rolling Thunder blu ray, myself. Veeeery excited to check that one out.

  28. Remember eveyone, it's not the size of the moustache, it's how you use it!

    1. Something something moustache rides. Dang it I had something for this.

  29. can someone explain to me me why Critters doesn't exist on blu-ray yet.

    that's heresy